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Branding Medical and Healthcare Websites with Content

Content, content, content. Lately, it is ALL about content! Anyone, with experience, in marketing and website development will tell you relevant and keyword related content is critical, particularly for capturing the attention of those searching for information on your niche topics resulting in increased website traffic and improved SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Unique, relevant and quality content will provide the medical and healthcare related business a competitive edge.

Building Your Brand with Niche Content

One of the most important aspects to consider when creating a website during the development of your company’s website is the website content. Generally speaking, website content is the information you offer on your website. Web content can be utilized by providing articles, blogs, resources, press releases, news, videos, audio or various links to niche and interesting resources specific to visitors of your website.

Whether you're a physician, or other healthcare provider such as a sleep center, surgery center, wellness provider, medical product manufacturer, healthcare service provider or an independent healthcare consultant - unique, relevant and keyword focused content is a critical element to add to your website.

Branding Your Company through distribution of your content on Social Media Sites

Content is not only important for the image of your website but it can also be utilized for additional marketing avenues. As an example, your marketing team might push out an article written on your website through various social networks such as your company page on LinkedIn, your Facebook page, your Twitter account and the hundreds of other social sites you may have established a presence. Distribution of your content through social sites, ultimately provides your content more exposure  – When distributing your medical and healthcare related content, it should include links to your website where the specific content is posted. In addition, you may also want to promote and brand your website directly, as a whole, in combination with pushing out specific pages with interesting content. There are many tools to monitor the results of your efforts, as shown in the image above and many of the social sites offer their own analytics, and you can explore more about Analytics of Social Media - LinkedIn Company Page as an example of one of our social pages.

Branding your website

In addition to branding your website with unique, relevant and quality content, you can also distribute information focused on #keywords of your website, as shown in the image above. Keywords are often utilized to brand your website based on your keyword or topic focus for your website. In the example image as shown above from one of our Twitter accounts, you will see we are promoting our website, as a whole, utilizing targeted keywords (#hashtags) available on Twitter rather than the promotion of specific content. Tying in your keywords to your website (or business) across the internet can be powerful. Additionally, by promoting the domain (in this case as shown in the post above we are realizing another huge value for website ranking (PR) which we shall reserve more discussion on this topic at another time. Be sure to notice the retweets and number of favorites of a single tweet.

Push vs. Pull Marketing - Provide Quality content and watch the "pull" from your 'push'

Providing quality niche content and sharing it through social networking is considered a form of "Push Marketing" - quality content can lead to interest in sharing by your social network followers and can help you to "Pull" in new customers, followers, etc. Pull Marketing in the medical device, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry is when you 'pull' in customers or followers interested in your offering.

Retweets and favorites are real time affirmation of someone else's interest in your post! Retweets provides additional exposure of your post to all of the followers for each party re-tweeting your post.

Let's take a look at the value of ONE tweet on Twitter. The image above reflects nearly 3,000 retweets and favorites from a single post (tweet) we did on January 20, 2015. The image to the right provides a very clear value to those retweets of our one tweet, reflecting a reach of over 114,000 beyond our own account, with 175,000+ followers! Now that's the power of networking and social media combined! All in under 140 spaces! How difficult would it be for your marketing department or a member of your team to post 140 characters?!


Take a look at the potential results and decide if investing a few keystrokes is worth the effort.

Be sure to recognize there can be additional residual after the initial tweet. Retweets and mentions can go on for days and even weeks, providing your company more exposure. Beyond the potential of retweets, there can also be a value if another subscriber "mentions" your tweet. (see image below.) Feel free to click on the images to view the posts live on twitter.

Branding with Niche Content

Let's say your website has several divisions or perhaps you offer multiple services or products. Your main objective may be to promote your flagship product or service. Your focus on content should certainly be centered primarily on your strongest area of business. However, if you offer multiple products or services you will then want content to focus on all those areas important to your business, with keywords and content very specific for each. Additionally, your content should focus on the keywords specific for your unique niche as a whole. Preparing your content can often be easier if you establish a basic webpage template for content.

A main objective of your unique content is to bring in traffic (website visitors) because people are interested in the actual content shared resulting in finding your web site, providing the visitor an opportunity to learn more about your company, services and other offerings. When the content (or link to the content) is shared across social sites, you have retweets, shares, likes, etc. and perhaps your content will go viral – the beauty of marketing on the internet! Google looks for that. Marketing team members strive for that. All websites should want that.  Pulling traffic to your website from content is actually providing strong SEO for Medical and Healthcare Providers, Medical Product Vendors, Service Providers and Manufacturers.  An intern at MedCepts identied search engine optimization (SEO) as The New Social Capital of Internet Businesses. That’s just the beginning of utilizing content on a website and you should make every effort to have solid, strong and, ultimately, voluminous content.

If you seek assistance with branding your website, feel free to contact us.



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