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Breaking into Medical Sales: Five (5) Tips for the novice medical sales representative for Selling to Dentists, from a dentist’s perspective. These are Tips formulated by a dentist from their own dental practice experiences and working with experienced dental sales reps.

Experienced dental sales representatives will also benefit from review of these 5 valuable sales tips from a Dentist, regardless of relationships you already established.

Dentistry is one of the important branches of the health care system. Dentists are one of the major pillars of this system. When selling to dentists, Selling to Dentistsyou may face a multitude of difficulties when you begin to sell medical products and healthcare related services to dentists. As a professional sales person attempting to break into medical sales, you may find multiple challenges at times which can prevent you from succeeding in your new role of selling to dentists... But hold on. You are a sales professional and you can succeed with breaking into medical sales through successful sales to dentists.

Here are 5 tips for Breaking into Medical Sales for the Novice Sales representative when selling to dentists.

Follow these insightful ways to sell the most to any dentist.

  1. Be Flexible: Sales professionals have previously been known to drop into a dentist’s office at any time of the day. As a result,  the daily routine of patient care of many dentists can get somewhat disturbed from sales reps cold calling dentists. Scheduling appointments is very important when initially attempting to sell to dentists but some sales professionals have been very successful with cold calling, depending on territories, receptiveness of the office staff and how busy the practice is.. When breaking into medical sales to sell to dentists, we recommend you first Call the dentists in the area you want to visit to schedule your initial appointment. Create a list of all dentists in your area, if a lead list is not provided by the company you align with. Then, call one by one and introduce yourself to each dentist. Let them choose the time of the meeting. Trust me they will be happy with your co-operation and advanced planning. Once you have built a strong relationship, with the dentist (and his or her staff), they will recognize the value you bring through innovative and advanced technology. After becoming well established, you may be welcomed at any time and scheduling in advance may not be so critical. However, flexibility is still important for the experienced, proven and valued sales professional.
  1. Be Knowledgeable : Yes, this is crucial. You need to be knowledgeable about your products and offer marketable products or services beneficial to the practice for improving patient care. At MedCepts, we are very selective in the opportunities we allow vendors, manufacturers or physician inventors to post. Feel free to explore here to find some great independent sales opportunities to select from, based on your interest, relationships, experience or targeted call points. It is critically important to offer great products or services and a little additional insight on What makes a product hot, from the perspective of a sales rep could be additionally beneficial for the new sales rep breaking into medical dental sales.  When selling to dentists, it is best to target a particular type of dentist very specific to the product you are offering. Is the product best for general dentists? Or orthodontists? Or oral surgeons? Get your concepts clear and absorb as much training from your product or service provider as you can. Sales team training is an ongoing process and you should always feel comfortable with asking questions of your product providers to enhance your presentation when selling to dentists. It will help you keep your points in front of the dentist in the absolute best way possible. You can have an exciting, yet profitable, conversation when empowered with knowledge. It is usually best not to try to stretch the conversation beyond your medical products or healthcare related services you are presenting, at least for the initial meetings.
  1. Be Professional: Speak in such a way that anyone at the particular clinic or hospital will be impressed with your communications skills. After all, selling is all about a professional approach with your targeted potential clients. If you are having a bad day, then you may want to avoid conducting meetings with potential future customers, as First Impressions Matter in the Medical and Healthcare Industry and perhaps you can best utilize the day with working in your office with reviewing your sales presentations, establishing your call schedule or other. Be sure to recognize, Dentists are usually detail oriented and they will ask several questions to explore further regarding the product. So, you need to remain professional, answer them smartly and be at your best.
  1. Look Presentable: Make sure that you wear professional attire on the day of the meeting but be careful not to overdo this. Your overall appearance and presentation leave a significant impact on any potential client. Look presentable. Try not be present yourself as being in a hurry, even if you only have 30 seconds of an elevator pitch allowed by the office or dentist. Try to arrive early, before the scheduled time at the meeting location.
  1. Improve efficiency for the dentist:  Dentists are busy. If you want long term clients then it is important to recognize your potential goal of making the dentist’s job easier and more efficient in providing patient care. You should always value the time a dentist provides you, particularly if you want to build a long lasting relationship with them. Make things easy for the dentist. Dentists usually have time constraints. They need to provide sufficient time to their patients and you should recognize the value they are providing you with the time given to you to explore your products or services being offered. Be sure you offer products providing benefits to enhance patient care and efficiency in the work enviroment of the dentist’s practice. If you can save the time for a dentist or provide him or her with the latest technology, he will be much more enticed with buying your product. You can even collaborate with manufacturers of compatible dental products to build your portfolio of products, adding even more value to working with you by offering multiple products and services. When breaking into medical sales, you may not recognize the Advantages of being an Independent Sales professional. Be sure your sales presentation and marketing collateral immediately reflects how your product or product combination can provide increased value to the dentist's working hours. You will be amazed to see the positive responses coming from the dentist.

The above are five valuable tips which will help you to land dentist clients for your health care product or service every week. So, why are you waiting? Just go ahead, implement these tips and begin earning substantial income in the medical and healthcare industry.


The primary components of this article was written by an independent contractor (a Dentist network member) and is protected by Copyright of MedCepts.


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