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Social networking: medical and healthcare industry

There are many benefits to social networking on multiple networks, while a main focus should be about using the social power of a variety of sources to build your brand: introduce yourself: expose yourself!

Remember to build YOUR brand and be careful about the time and effort you invest. Diversify yourself across a variety of social networks rather than spending all of your time in one area.

The absolute best way to begin building your brand is on YOUR own Website!

Use brand power — your brand, your company brand, your industry brand: 

Social Networking is the perfect environment to Social Media Healthcareleverage ‘brand power’. Remember there’s your brand (You), your company (business) brand, your niche brand (specialty), and your industry brand. Promote and connect all four and watch your presence and business grow.

Diversify Your Social Efforts:

There are literally thousands of websites to perform activities for branding purposes. Start with a couple of the already well branded social networks, such as Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. (The back-links from reputable websites to your website will also be helpful with building your SEO.)

One of the most important things to Remember when investing your time to build your presence on social networks:

Most social networks will grant users a limited, revokable, nonexclusive, right to access the site. This means they own the service and can shut down your account at any time and you may have no recourse.

In addition, consider the time you’re investing – particularly if you are primarily focused on one site. Do you remember when MYSPACE was king of the hill? And along came some competition – facebook, twitter, google+, linkedin…. What happens to all the work you have invested if you haven’t diversified your social marketing? With each social network, you never know what their shelf life will be! Spend enough time to present a positive image and move on. Be careful not to spread yourself too thin either.

In one of our groups on LinkedIn, a group member presented that he utilized the LinkedIn messaging system exclusively to communicate with his customers! A flurry of questions came from other members – and we are sure you can come up with a few on your own! What happens when LinkedIn closes down your account? What happens if free messaging goes to paid messaging? What happens if……

YOUR SOCIAL ACCOUNT – is it really yours?

You think your account is YOUR ACCOUNT? Here is an example of a LinkedIn user account that was restricted, meaning NO ACCESS to their account. There are many reasons this could happen, but primarily as the result of a learning process for most users. (Keeping up to date with terms of LinkedIn)

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