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BIG OPPORTUNITY for Independent Reps, Teams, and Distributors To Partner With a Nationally Established Lab To Offer Genetic Testing (NGS)

Tremendous opportunity open to independent reps, groups and distributors. Our company is one of only a few labs in the country who offer NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) testing to practices. This is a one of fastest growing markets in the medical space. In fact, the NGS market is forecasted to grow from $2.5 Billion to $28 Billion by 2022. As we and our market grows we seek sales professionals who want to be on the ground floor of this new and exciting market!

Job Responsibilities:

  • Educating physician offices on the benefits of testing and making cancer screening a standard in each office
  • Work hands on with facility staff to implement genetic screening into their practice flow
  • Target PCPs, OB/GYNs, and Oncologists
  • Maintain constant communication with company and accounts 
  • Ensure tests are performed properly, including all documentation needed

Resources Provided:

   Product Training, Sales Support, Marketing Materials, Testing Kits/Forms and Coaching

Experience and Qualifications:

  • Strong Relationships with Practices & Decision Makers - Required
  • Strong Work Ethic and Communication Skills - Required
  • Bachelor’s Degree, Equivalent, or previous experience - Preffered
  • Proven Track Record of Sale Success in a related field - Beneficial

Product/Service Info: Carrier screening - A population based test covered by most insurance payers for prospective parents of reproductive age to identify if they carry a gene that can pass a devastating disease to their children.Cancer Risk Analysis - A criteria based test covered by many insurances for patients with a personal/family history of cancer, to identify if they are potentially at increased risk for 8+ types of cancer

Economic Buyers/Call Points: Targets include:Primary Care PhysiciansOncologistsOB/GYNSurgeons

Compensation: Flat Rate Commissions: paid for every completed test upon approval to run, and after insurance reimbursement!

Candidate Profile: Genetic Testing must be demonstrated in the office, and implemented into their practice flow:Candidates should have GREAT relationships with providers and have the ability to get in front of the decision makers, and spend time in the office, training and working with office staff.

Territories Available: National! Best States Are: TX, CO, PA, GA, WV, MD

Training Provided: We Provide:

  • Product Training (Both Tests)
  • Visual Aid & Material Training
  • Ordering & Forms Training
  • Sales Coach

We Also Provide:

  • DNA Collection Kits
  • DropBox of Materials
  • Sales & Status Reports


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