Medical Sales Network

$5,000 Guaranteed Payout for EACH Account you Bring: Start with Just ONE and Let Us Show You!

Hiring Independent 1099 Reps and Distributor Groups 

We will show you how to make money promoting Cancer Risk and Carrier Testing!

Bring Us Just One of YOUR  Current  TOX, BLOOD, ALLERGY, PGX, ETC. Accounts and Make $5,000 Guaranteed after 30 Days


Our Lab only Does Cancer Risk and Carrier Testing (we have for 5 years) and has direct In-Network Contracts with many BCBS and Medicaid Plans (we don't go through hospitals for contracts)

>90% of Tests that come to our lab get approved and Paid (vs. 25-30% 12 months ago)

​>98% of our Patients Pay ZERO out of pocket (Their EOB's list $0 Deductible and $0 Coinsurance)

The future is now with Genetic Testing! Patients and Physicians are requesting our testing.

Many in the industry have been challenged by the genetic testing process and the ability of implementing it effectively in practices, resulting in slow approvals or no approvals or payments.

WE HAVE THE ANSWER! We have identified, and resolved many of the hurdles associated with genetic testing including ensuring that patients meet criteria for medical necessity, getting authorized by insurance companies, sending test results to physicians and patients, and getting reimbursed.

Bring us just ONE of your current Accounts where you current offer ancillary services and we will show you.  

Our Sales Model:

  1. Start with just ONE current account and introduce our Cancer and Carrier testing (Primary Care, Internal Medicine).  
  2. We will hire, train, support, monitor, and pay for a dedicated Genetic Testing Specialist to be placed in your offices and they will only be focusing on Cancer and Carrier testing
  3. You receive commission!

So we staff the office with a well trained Genetic Testing Specialist, and you get the commission!

Next Steps:

IF you have just ONE great account currently doing Tox, Blood, Allergy, PGX, etc. testing, contact us to dscuss this opportunity.   

We will  schedule a call to discuss  how to identify the most Viable practices as well as the complete compensation plan

Territories Available: Looking for Reps in the States of Texas, Illinois, New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Montana, Iowa, South Dakota, Western PA and the city of Kansas City...

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