Medical Sales Network

Independent reps, rep groups calling on healthcare and corporate facilities. Residual income and HUGE potential

Easy and fun opportunity with exceptional income potential! Simple Lead generation or become involved in the process! One facility could net the sales rep professional anywhere from $5,000 to $100,000 in commission! Imagine the potential from several facilities in your territory?! And we do all the work, or you can become involved at the level of your interest.

We are seeking independent sales reps, rep groups and distributors calling on

  • hopsitals,
  • surgery centers,
  • long term care facilities,
  • rehab facilities,
  • physician offices,
  • corporate businesses
  • Senior living,
  • Universities, higher ed and more.

Among our partners we have multi-million dollar art contracts with three of the largest healthcare systems in the US and more on the runway. Assist us in establishing and servicing one large account and the results could provide you residual income for a very long time!! All consultative art opportunities are welcomed, whether a small facility to a large IDN, network of facilities and the sales professional benefits from the growth.

With millions of images and numerous substrate options, we can design any job, at any budget, for any setting. We specialize in healthcare using an evidence-based design approach. Every project gets our full attention.

Example of the potential:

  • Sales professional marketing a pediatric product is aware of the plans for building a new pedicatric unit, and a Pediatric / Oncology corridor design is developed! (See sample image below)
  • Sales professional marketing a pediatric product notices there is little to no artwork, a few pieces are added and the director of another unit is impressed with the results - expanding smaller projects throughout the facility and on to their new buildings! One foot in the door begins generating volumes! (with volume commission results for you and your team!)

We provide a wide array of art products and services that are each highly customizable for any facility.

Sample of a Pediatric Corridor, Art design and makeover: The successful results of one corridor may lead to several more corridors in one facility and on to their partner facilities and the sales representative generates income throughout the projects!!!



Hospital waiting room...
Training provided: Minimum is needed. Marketing material provided.



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