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Reps calling on hospitals, anesthesia departments, anesthesia groups, OR and surgery centers. Aggressive compensation plan! Health IT/Software

Innovative technology developed by an Anesthesiologist to improve efficiencies and streamline essential OR processes. Substantial earning potential.

Market-leading provider of Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS).

Our software is easy to use with flexible solutions that streamlines the perioperative workflow and improves the quality and efficiency in the OR. 

Our software is deployed nationally in hospital, surgery center, specialty clinic and office-based settings.  We offer real-time integration, enhanced mobility, automatic vital sign capture and extensive quality data analytics.

Product/Service Info: Anesthesia Information Management Systems, AIMS. Pharmacy medication management software. We are a leading software developer.

Economic Buyers/Call Points: Anesthesiologists, CFO's, CIO's, IT Dept Mgr, OR Dept Mgr, CRNA's, CMO's, CEO's,

Compensation: 10-15% of total contract value. Will review depending on rep firms capabilities and contact base with current product line.

Candidate Profile: A rep/firm who has the knowledge of software sales, electronic health records, who has the contact base as noted for hospital and surgery center contacts. Knowledge of long term type sale. Able to understand all the buyers involved in this type of sell. This is a technical sale. Requires true software technical knowledge, knowledge of the OR, PACU, Pre-Op, Anesthesia Dept, workflow of hospital, Pharmacy workflow.

Territories Available: Open

Training Provided: Will discuss depending on rep/firm's experience. Online. Possible in person in office or rep/firm or manufacturer.

Type of reps we are seeking: We need professional reps preferably with excellent contacts in the desired departments noted as point of contacts. Need to understand this is a long term sale but with a good payout. As already noted, the rep/firm needs to be trained in EHR, technical, software knowledge, knowledge of the hospital departments called on and have the established contact base to be able to introduce our products without the need to establish basic rapport with a potential prospect.


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