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Whether you seek local, regional, national or international distributor partners we can assist you with Locating, selecting, aligning and contracting with Stocking and Non-Stocking Distributors. You can find, locate and acquire Distribution Partners on your own by initiating introductions on our ISR Opportunity Listings or MedCepts will assist you with this process through our Management Services. The landscape with nearly 1,000 Medical Product Group Buying & Purchasing Organizations is an ever changing industry in the medical sales arena. Choosing the right medical sales partners that will represent your product(s) is a big decision, a huge undertaking, and the results can have a lasting impact on your company -- good or bad. If you need a single rep or multiple distribution channels, MedCepts wants to help.

A few potential benefits of establishing Distribution partners:

  -  Access to Multiple Markets.
  -  Greater Speed of Market Penetration.
  -  Established Sales Teams - Direct Employees, Independent Reps or hybrid of both.
  -  Diversification into multiple markets and specialized distribution channels.
  -  New opportunities with minimal investment in sales infrastructure.
  -  Portfolio synergies and leverage.
  -  Broad-based solutions.
  -  Partnering already established relationships with customers.
  -  Maintain inventory - Stocking Distributors.
  -  Multifaceted resource.
  -  Perspective on market conditions and trends.