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MedCepts is a Premiere Network of Independent Consultants, Independent Contractors, Independent Sales Reps, Independent Distributors and Independent Healthcare providers, exclusive to the medical and healthcare industry. Check out a few of our public postings if you are seeking independent sales and distributor opportunities.

Independent Medical Sales Representatives are commonly referred to as Manufacturer Representatives, 1099 Sales Reps, Commission Only Sales Reps, Independent Manufacturer Reps, Freelance Sales Reps, Freelance Agents or freelance sales consultants.  Independent sales rep teams or even the independent lone star rep may also be referred to as Medical Product Distributors by some.

Independent medical sales representatives are also known as 1099 Sales Reps, Commission Only Sales Reps and / or Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps. Outside the medical sales industry, independent sales agents are also known as freelance agents. Independent sales representatives are independent contractors and also considered in the MedCepts network as Independent Consultants. The Growth Trend for Independent Consultants continues to rise with the US Consulting Market at $50 Billion and forecasted to grow faster in 2016.

Independent manufactuer sales reps in the medical sales industry are highly experienced and typically, extremely successful medical sales professionals who have opted to work independently and tend to be real business entrepreneurs. Independent medical sales reps have often been in the medical sales industry for at least 5 - 10 years or more, they already have established strong relationships in their sales territory and they are extremely successful at closing sales.  Some Independent Sales Reps will carry only a few “select” medical products they can focus their time around while others will carry a variety of product lines from different medical product manufacturers and/or healthcare related services.

Income Earnings for Independent Manufactuer Sales Reps & Distributors, the results of our 2014 survey of 5,000 independent reps, reflects Independent Medical Sales Reps with a "Mixed Bag" of medical products top the charts at nearly $200,000 annual earnings with 10 years medical sales experience. Independent sales representatives selling a mixed portfolio of products and services with 20+ years sales experiences reported the highest earnings of $268,000 in income in 2014.

Successful Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps need to carefully select products specific for their customers in their sales territories and before adding products to their portfolio an independent rep will carefully review products and services to determine Is the Product Hot or Not: Perspective of a Sales Rep

To locate medical products, healthcare related services and sales opportunities explore a few of our public listings offered by Manufacturers: 

Commission Only, Contract, Independent, 1099 Opportunities for Independent Medical Sales Reps, Independent Manufacturer Reps, Medical Product Distributors and Specialty Niche Consultants

It is often difficult to identify the market adaptability of a product and potential sales results. Careful selection and product review is critical to an independent manufacturer sales rep. There are Many Advantages to being an Independent Manufacturer Sales Rep. Advanced level independent reps often become involved as a Product Profiler.