Medical Sales Network

Pull Marketing in the Medical Device, Pharmaceutecial and Healthcare Industry

Push Marketing refers to a marketing strategy in which you are pushing information towards your potential customer. Pull Marketing refers to a marketing strategy when you have clients coming to you to ask about your product or service.

Medical Product Manufacturers – Push – Pull Marketing Strategies – Marketing to physicians, hospitals and ancillary healthcare providers.

Medical Sales Reps: Imagine a day without cold calling and simply calling on those expressing interest in more information about a product you represent.  (MedCepts Founding Member: 1999)

Healthcare Providers: Imagine a day without reps disrupting your schedule and simply calling when you express interest in more information about a product.   (MedCepts Founding Member: 1999)

Pull Marketing: Healthcare Providers requesting information on your product or service. Pull marketing generally produces higher conversion rates and tend to have shorter sales cycles, as Pull Marketing results in customers coming to you seeking more information. Creative marketing exposes information to those who are actively pulling information into their lives because of a current needs. In short they are specifically looking for answers, options, information and/or resources.

Pull Marketing: Working to establish a loyal following and drawing customers based on reputation, great products or services, good business, peer following, great reviews, etc. 

MedCepts is a strong advocate for Pull Marketing – MedCepts has developed several community websites, with sites solely dedicated to niche divisions of our network, such as our division for healthcare providers. For our healthcare provider members we offer a semi-public Directory of Medical Product Suppliers and service providers as a resource tool and we have always welcomed inquiries from healthcare providers relative to additional product information, whether directly through introductions to the manufacturers, sales reps or as a confidential inquire for additional product or service information.  A product inquiry from an end user, such as a healthcare provider, reflects the HCP is looking for information, has heightened interest.


Push Marketing – Pushing out interruptive messages in mass whether the recipient is willing or receptive, with hopes of volume to “pull” in interested parties. Push marketing direction may also include building hype through distributors. (Increased distributor incentives, commission, profit margins.) Push Marketing has been the norm for the advertising and marketing industry for the past century or so. Big companies rely on mass market penetration to hit expectations, build brand and increase product awareness.

When you have a great product, you don’t have to be a great marketer.


Balancing the push and pull marketing strategies in the medical and healthcare industry – a little bit of push and a little bit of pull.

  Ideally, using a combination of “pull” and “push” marketing strategies in the medical and healthcare industry can significantly boost your company’s overall marketing effectiveness.  A pull strategy stimulates demand and motivates customers to seek out a product or service.


For well over a decade MedCepts has been aligning and managing independent rep sales teams and medical sales distributors providing innovative outsourced sales force solutions, with a mission to offer a diversity of network solutions for medical product manufacturers (medical product suppliers), healthcare providers and independent manufacturer sales representatives. Over the years, we have been introduced to tens of thousands of marketing strategies, sales brochures, sales training materials and various types of marketing collateral for sales team members of medical product manufacturers and suppliers for the purpose of introducing their products to healthcare providers. 

Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.”   Leo Burnett   

“Make it say WOW!”     MedCepts