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Rep a well-known successful front-desk doctor resale product. Most specialties as well as rehab centers and urgent care.

We are a leading manufacturer of physician strength  PHYSICIAN-ONLY medicines for scars, bruises and brown spots left after surgery or injury. Each practice can make you $$thousands$$ yearly.  Dermatology, plastic surgery, GYN, cardiothoracic, orthopedic surgery, rehab medicine and even family practice see patients concerned about scars, bruises and brown spots left after surgery or injury. Docs actually LOSE MONEY on follow-up visits if they are surgical as they can't bill for a postop visit yet have to provide the service, nursing and supplies. 

 Teach doctors and office managers how easy it is to turn these losses into profits.

 Benefits to the doctors:

The practice makes money.

Busy hands are happy hands… The patients are taking an active role in doing something to make the problem go away. It takes longer to reassure the patient that their scar, bruise or brown spot will go away on its own than to give them something to treat it. 

The doctors don't have to "sell." Simply mentioning that a product is at their front desk that could help yields remarkable results.

 These products work. If the outcome is better the doctor looks better.

Benefits to you:

 Setting up a practice can take 15 minutes or less.

 Very little maintenance is required on your part. They can order by calling you, calling us or online at a wholesale only password-protected website. Once the practice is registered to you, as long as you are an active rep, you are credited with the sale.

 Physician and staff training is automated with online videos only a few minutes long.

We are looking for independent reps with relationships that can be leveraged into sales.   This is a set it and forget it model. Once practices become accustomed to making this newfound money, very little intervention is necessary on your part. 

 Send us your resume and let's see if we are a fit to profit together.

Product/Service Info: We are a leader in Physician Only professional strength pharmaceuticals to treat scars, postoperative and post-traumatic bruises and brown spots for over 10 years. Our products have clinical studies published showing that they actually work.Portfolio of products, Professional products are only sold through medical practices.

Economic Buyers/Call Points: Our products are only sold through medical practices, clinics and surgery centers.

Compensation: Each practice that you close should result in commissions ranging from $3,000-$10,000 per year with little maintenance work necessary by you. Directing all efforts towards closing new practices will build a network that is not only profitable but grows itself by word-of-mouth.Retention rate is extremely high. Once the doctor understands that "selling" is not necessary, but simply mentioning that a product is at the front desk that may help will result in thousands of dollars a month, the whole thing goes on autopilot.

Candidate Profile: Our products are Perfect for Pharma reps or other reps with High Frequency Calls to Physicians. They are also fantastic door-openers for sales reps selling capital equipment or other high ticket, low frequency items.

Territories Available: Nationwide USA

Training Provided: Online videos and telephone training.

Type of reps we are seeking: Motivated reps with a good Rolodex can make a living from this opportunity alone.

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Compensation: Reps make a large percentage of sales. Reorders usually on autopilot once docs get used to this easy profit.

Training Provided: Online and telephone training.

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