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Independent reps, rep groups calling on hospitals, ambulatory surgery, labs, behavioral health, surgeons, specialty med groups. RESIDUAL

We are the only company in the country that focuses solely on maximizing out-of-network reimbursements for healthcare providers.  The Company was founded in 2006, services more than 1,300 customers nationwide, and processes more than $1B in out-of-network bills each year. 

Out of network reimbursement is the single best opportunity for providers to increase their income.  The only other way for them to make more money is to see more patients.  Out of network reimbursements allow providers to continue working at the same rate, while increasing their revenue.

Looking for Independent Reps, Rep Groups who have established relationships with Surgery Centers, Laboratories, Hospitals, Specialty Medical Groups, Urgent Care, Orthopedic, Dialysis, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Gastroenterology, DME, etc.

This is your opportunity to make your customers money instead of asking them to spend money.  Our service is no risk to the provider.  All of our fees are success based, there are no upfront costs to you or the provider, and just as importantly, there is no software or IT component. 

Service:  Company provides services to health care providers that maximize reimbursements on out-of-network bills. The company achieves these results through a combination of its proprietary database and extensive industry expertise. By identifying similar claim patterns, leveraging prior agreements, and understanding the tactics payors use to reduce payment, Company obtains higher reimbursements on out-of-network bills for its clients.

Candidate Profile: We are currently seeking Independent Reps who already have a book of business in the settings mentioned, and who would like to expand their current product offerings.

Duties - You will be presenting the service to new prospects, closing the sale and helping the prospect get started.  Our Account Management and Operations teams will then handle the day to day issues, with you transitioning to a maintenance role. 

Training Provided: YES. A moderate amount of initial training is required. Our service is easy to understand but generates questions because we are dealing with billing, and because it is viewed as “too good to be true”.

Compensation: This is a 1099 position with attractive earning potential. Compensation is per sale, and is paid monthly as we receive revenue from the provider. 

Product/Service Info: Company offers two services to combat the two payer strategies described above.

•  Negotiation (Pre-Payment) Service addresses the situation where the insurance company seeks to negotiate a large discount on an out-of-network bill after services are provided and after the patient leaves the facility, but prior to payment. Company handles the negotiation for its clients and achieves results that are far greater than those obtained by the client. With our Negotiation Service for our hospital clients, we increase the allowed amount by an average of 47%.

Appeal (Post-Payment) Service addresses the situation where the insurance company re-prices an out-of-network bill down to a very low amount based on their determination of what is “reasonable and customary”, or doesn't pay at all because the claim is denied or unreasonably delayed. Company services appeals the case on behalf of its clients, seeking a second payment on the case. With our Appeal Service for our hospital clients, we increase the initial payment by an average of 37%.

Economic Buyers/Call Points: Ambulatory Surgery Center, Hospital, Laboratory, Orthopedics, Surgeons, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care, Specialty Medical Groups.

Compensation: First year commission on each $100,000 of revenue generated is $6,000.00. Residual commissions on each $100,000 of revenue generated are $2,000.00.

Candidate Profile: This sale has a very short sales cycle for a representative who has a relationship with the provider. For accounts that you cold call, expect the sales cycle to be 4-6 weeks.

The post sale workload is minor. Our Account Manager works on the day to day, case by case issues. Your role will be to call on the account periodically and ensure they are happy with the service.

Territories Available: Texas is a top priority with nationwide roll out to follow

The exclusive territories will determined based on your current book of business.

Training Provided: Training consists of an initial 4 hours training program. Availability for joint calls to improve your knowledge base or help you close deals.

Type of reps we are seeking: The ideal candidate will be someone with existing relationships with our target providers and is trusted by those providers to make recommendations around their revenue.

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