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Full suite of Unique Synthetic Bone graft products, 25-35% commission, call points Orthopedic surgeons, F/A surgeons, trauma centers, hand wrist docto

We develop and manufacture innovative biomimetic synthetic bone grafts for use in regions of compromised cancellous and cortical bone. Currently we are recruiting distributors in various geographical locations across the US. Join us for our rapidly expanding team today to become part of our FAMILY.

Since our launch in 2016, we have enjoyed rapid acceptance from leading surgeons. We are expanding our market penetration by working with a team of agile, innovative distributors. We have a strong market support team (Ph.D.s, and M.D.s in our marketing department who can work intelligently with lead surgeons, and a strong R&D team that can work together with forward-thinking surgeons for next-generation product ideas).

We manufacture both OEM and proprietary brands that we market and distribute globally. Some of our proprietary brands include the Bongold™ family of products (Bongold Flo™ and Bongold Spine™), and Alligator™ Extractor. 

Our mission is to become a worldwide leader in regenerative synthetic products, providing solutions for patients, surgeons, and hospitals. Allgens™ invests heavily in research and development to pave the way for the next generation of biologics and bioactive regenerative products and works diligently to push the boundaries of anatomy-saving surgical procedures.

Product/Service Info: Ours are the only synthetic bone grafts that truly resemble human bone in both nano-structure and composition. Our products are used in many human skeletal applications.

Our products are osteogenic-inducing, possessing superior handling properties.

Our lead KOLs in major medical institutions are willing to speak to candidate surgeons about their usage experience.

Economic Buyers/Call Points: Orthopedic surgeons, F/A surgeons, trauma centers, hand wrist doctors, DPMs

Compensation: 25-35% commissions.

Territories Available: West Coast, Midwest, CT, MA, NC, FL

Training Provided: Webinar training available, on site meeting with target doctors is available for highly prospective accounts.

Type of reps we are seeking: Biologic reps with existing account, and would like to explore higher commission payout with our products.

or orthopedic reps which can introduce our biologic products to their accounts, earning additional cash without having to cover additional cases, since our products usage are simple and self-explainatory.


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