TMJ Services is a medical device manufacturer and service provider for the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder, TMD/TMJ. Our patented and FDA cleared non-surgical device has been proven in independent studies to ameliorate the devastating symptoms of frequent and recurring headache, earache, jaw pain, neck pain, tinnitus, subjective hearing loss, vertigo, shoulder and arm pain, arm/hand/finger tingling and numbness, and jaw locking.

Thirty dental and oral and maxillofacial surgical practices throughout the mid-west, southeast, and east coast have already been licensed and trained to use the device and protocol via company direct marketing.  We are now poised to enhance our national and international network of licensed providers with the help of independent distributors.

TMD is a huge problem with over 76 million individuals in the US, primarily women, who suffer symptoms.  It is a huge, pain driven, market and TMJ Services has the proven solution.

Candidate profile and Call Points

Successful candidates need proven experience developing relationships with physicians and/or dentists.  Our device and service has the documented ability to substantially enhance practice income for licensed network providers.  Use of the device and protocol is not covered by either dental or medical insurance giving the licensed provider an answer to insurance control of their practice. In addition to the success of the device and protocol, our company has perfected the simple, inexpensive, and highly effective marking program to drive in hundreds if not thousands of patients  each year seeking service. Teaching and encouraging this marketing program to providers will be an integral part and key to the distributors financial success.  Liberal commission is offered for each provider added to the network plus residual commission for each device providers dispense.

Call points are general dentists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, Dental Services Networks, (DSO's), ENT's

Territories Available

Our device and protocol is patented in the US and Canada and territories are available coast to coast.

MedCepts Notes:

This Opportunity is open to independent reps, rep groups, and distributors. Potential is huge for those with the right relationships. This team will provide full support throughout the closing process. 

Physician invented, the need was identified and solved. Already proven concept with 30 clinics recently established. Growth and income potential are both unlimited. The closing ratio is high with the support of the team. Get on board now and grow with this company. 

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