Our factory was just approved by NIOSH to manufacture N95 Masks in USA.  There is a major shortage of these masks, so the need is urgent to raise awareness of this factory to Hospital Groups and Government Agencies in need.

You would be booking production orders. As of June 10, 2020 production is sold out for June and July, first deliveries are in August. We have 6 lines running currently with another 54 lines possible with a 4 week lead time to set up a new line. Each line can produce 150,000 masks per day.

The production process is 95% automated and the factory is based in California.  The factory requires a 50% down payment with balance payment to be made before pick up.  Product can only be sold in USA and US Territories.

If you sign up with us, we will request a list of customers that you plant to call on. Then we will confirm if your customer is available to be called on by you. Currently as you probably know the market for this product is very short of product.

Commission for sales reps is 3% of the sales price of the Mask times the number of masks sold.  Considering that orders can be $200 million and greater, the earning potential is very good. Distributors can also apply.

If you have the right contacts, you need to move quickly as production will be booked fast, the NIOSH approval was just a few days ago. Once you sign up full paperwork will be provided on the masks, the factory and contracts to protect your commission. Commission payments will become due once delivery has been completed and payment received from the customer.

Candidate profile and Call Points

Calls on Decision makers in Medical facilities in including Hospitals, Hospital Groups and Government agencies in Need of N95 Masks.

Territories Available

All US Territories are currently available

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