Contact us to earn up to 30% commissions, optional residual income, and territory, by selling our innovative post-op pillows and quality teddy bears if you have a large healthcare customer base that includes cardiology and other specialties (listed below).

This excellent opportunity works particularly well if your customer base has many cardiac surgery facilities and recovery centers.


Our focus will be placed on our innovative EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillows to start with.

We can add thousands of quality stuffed animals and toys we developed since 1988 that are very marketable to healthcare providers once a working relationship is established between us.


EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillow is made of vinyl, with a lot of built-in know-how. It is innovative. It is trendy since Covid-19.

Our EZ-Clean™ Pillow is very simple and straightforward, requiring minimal training to understand and use properly.

Most facilities are very familiar with the cloth cough pillows and their inherent infection problem. So your clients should be extremely delighted to see our EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillows that can effectively and easily help them reduce the infection risk without extra cost.

Cough pillows are used by heart, lung, kidney, and other surgery patients in many medical facilities across the nation. By hugging the cough pillows, the patients, particularly the chest and esophageal surgery patients can receive the sternal support, pain reduction, and incision site protection.

You will notice, however, all popular cough pillows on the market are infection-prone since they have permeable cloth surface and fiberfill stuffing. As you can imagine, it is very risky for the new heart surgery survivors to use such pillows because they have a very weak or compromised immune system, and can get infected easily. To establish the infection protocol and minimize safety complaints, hospitals, clinics particularly the surgical centers as the big pillow users, have to allocate a large every year. The cost grows rapidly since Covid-19 started. This cost could be minimized with our EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillows introduced.

In 2016, at the request of top heart hospitals that had used the cloth pillows for many years, we successfully developed the EZ-Clean™ Vinyl Cough Pillows that help reduce the risk of infection significantly at no extra cost and accordingly improves patient safety across the board. Our pillows have been trending particularly since Covid-19 when the infection control and presentation has been raised to a new high level across the medical industry and beyond.

Please review the brochure for the side-by-side comparison to see the striking differences between our EZ-Clean™ pillow and the competitors’, and “Top 5 Reasons Why Medical Facilities Like EZ-Clean™ Cough Pillows.”


Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are a low-cost durable supply item with a short sales circle. Usually, VAC approval is not necessary. If it must go before the committee, the approval is easy due to its following unmatched features.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are one of its kinds in the market. Our pillows look simple although having a lot of built-in safety tech. Particularly our pillows have a vinyl outer cover that is waterproof, washable, easy-to-clean, strong, smooth, and soft. No competitor’s pillow matches this feature.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillow reduces the risk of infection and improves patient safety. The vinyl cover keeps the pillow dry and clean all the time. Grime, blood, vomits or other bodily fluids cannot penetrate into the inner pillow and can be easily wiped with disinfectant applied. To sterilize, machine wash and dry the removable covers. Our EZ-Clean™ Pillows are becoming more popular since Covid-19 has brought the infection control and prevention to the forefront of healthcare conversations.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are reusable, durable, and very cost-effective. Particularly, our MSRP price is about 20% less than the competitor’s cloth pillows.

Our EZ-Clean™ Pillows are a Versatile Post-Op Aid

Our pillows are a recovery aid that offers sternal support, pain relief, and incision site protection for surgical patients from cardiovascular, pulmonology, gastroenterology, nephrology, OB/GYN, psychology, mental healthcare, long-term care facilities and etc.

Our pillow provides emotional comfort and mental support when a patient sees the clear signatures and messages on the vinyl cover written by the family, friends, and medical staff.
Our pillows, when used at home, are the patients’ heartfelt keepsake as a reminder of the unforgettable lifesaving care they received.

Our pillows are a powerful promotional tool. Brand logos and messages can all be custom printed on the smooth vinyl cover and will show clear for years to come.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are user-friendly and very timesaving for medical staff.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows can be cleaned by wipes on-site, unlike other pillows that are washed off-site.

When the vomit or other substance gets on the pillow, as occurs very often, the waterproof cover prevents the leak from penetrating to the inner pillow, and accordingly, the busy nurses have more time to react and respond.

One load can wash or dry up to 20 outer covers, instead of 2-3 bulky cloth pillows.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillow provides the patient with cozier support, since upon hugged, its microbeads filling moves inside to contour to the body.

The outer covers and inner pillows can be separately ordered, stored, cleaned, and moved.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are a simple item. It explains itself. It requires little training to understand and use. Your healthcare clients can appreciate and value the unique features very quickly.

With our free sample and your trusted relationship, it will be an easy decision for your clients to replace the infection-prone cloth pillows with our cost-effective EZ-Clean™ trendy pillows. If any clients still use teddy bears or other makeshift supports, they will love to try our EZ-Clean™ pillows, since our professional safety-tested post-op support works much better but costs similar if not less.

Our EZ-Clean™ pillows are consumed with repeating orders. Usually, the medical facilities bill the insurance/client and will let the patient bring the pillow to home or LTC. A small heart surgical center needs 60-100 heart pillows a month or about 1,000 pieces a year. Our program is designed to meet the needs of a variety of medical facilities. An order can be 50 pieces to 5,000 pieces in any shape, any color, and any size. After the opening order is delivered, you can expect new orders soon. We are open to your proposal including the commission structure and territory plan. Our goal is to push more trendy pillows to the market when the infection control and prevention is still a hot topic like now.


Headquartered in NJ, Best Plush Inc. is a designer, manufacturer, importer, and distributor of promotional plush toys and other plush products for American businesses. Plush medical products including the EZ-Clean™ cough pillows are very popular and growing very fast.

We offer custom plush and stock plush. Our custom plush program starts with FREE design and ends with the fast delivery to any destination in the USA - we handle everything. Our stock plush is assembled in the US and shipped from New Jersey, providing a short turnaround time. Our clients enjoy the factory price and excellent full-service thanks to our over-three-decades industry experience and reliable manufacturing network in Asia.

Our products are marketed through professional distributors such as ASI and SAGE. They are working perfectly fine to handle inquiries. However, we need more proactive team members who can make a fast and effective response to the rapid changes that are taking place in the healthcare market since Covid-19. We welcome all sales reps experienced leaders or young entrepreneurs who have quality contacts and like to grow together with us.

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Candidate profile and Call Points

Ideal Candidate Qualification:

  1. Independent reps and rep group
  2. If it is a firm, one or more reps should have a Bachelor’s Degree, or the firm has more than five years’ experience in healthcare marketing.
  3. Have a large base of medical customers such as hospitals, surgical centers, clinics, and doctor offices. Your customer base must include some of the following specialties for the best success:
    • Cardiovascular
    • Pulmonology
    • Gastroenterology
    • Nephrology
    • OB/GYN
    • Psychology
    • Mental health care provider, and
    • Long-term Care

Responsibilities - New A/C Rep:

  • Bring your customers to us and help open the new A/C
  • Base commission: 30% of the opening order
  • Residual commission not available
  • Bonus not available
  • No other responsibility or income is included
  • The New A/C Rep program is designed for you to make immediate income by leveraging your existing customers, without a lengthy negotiation.
  • If you have any questions, please email us

Responsibilities – Long Term Rep:

  • The term can be between two years up to the lifetime
  • Your responsibilities are to open new A/Cs and stay active.
  • Your income includes the base commission, residual income, and bonus.
  • Active: frequently contact the existing clients and prospective, submit periodic reports of your activities, analysis, recommendations, and self-assessment of performance to achieve our goals, and maintain a reasonable sales growth.
  • Base commission: 20%
  • Residual commission: 10%
  • Bonus: up to 10% (0 to 10% rewarded according to the accumulated sales in a period)
  • Territory: At your request, a territory can be assigned tentatively according to your customer base and will be finalized according to your sales performance in the first 6th months.
  • Review: a regular performance review will be performed.
  • The Term Rep program is designed for long-term cooperation.
  • If you have any questions, please email us

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