Multiple opportunities offering Top commissions. With one of our opportunities of a device sale you can Earn $4,000 - $15,000 per sale for a simple lead to setting up a webinar!

Great opportunity if you have strong relationships with existing independent Primary Care, Internal, Neurology, Endocrinology doctors, pain clinics or practices?

We are looking for individuals already currently in the medical device and services business who are interested in forming a lucrative partnership.

Our company was founded in 2000 and for the past 20 years we have specialized in partnering with independent physicians and practices to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment solutions.

We have several offerings but our two primary focuses are:

1. The CMAT Advantage is a state-of-the-art FDA approved 7-minute non-invasive diagnostic device which can detect insulin resistance up to 10 years prior to a diabetes diagnosis.  Additionally, it measures peripheral neuropathy and arterial stiffness (earliest detectable marker for stroke or heart attack). Most patients a physician sees would benefit from the test. This device has helped hundreds of doctors offer prevention and better treatment for their patients while generating a minimum of $100,000 per year for their practice.  The test is covered by Medicare and commercial payers ($400-$500 per test).

2. The Advanced Osteoarthritis Relief (OA) Protocol is a non-surgical solution for degenerative joint disease and regenerative aesthetics. Osteoarthritis of the knee is the 3rd most common diagnosis in the elderly today, and the current standard of care for this condition (NSAID’s, Cortisone, etc.) does not yield great outcomes clinically, and it certainly isn’t profitable either…That’s why our business opportunity is so timely and successful. Covered by Medicare and Commercial
Insurance as well ($6,000-10,000 per case).

If you work with independent healthcare clinics that see a slightly older clientele our offerings would likely be a great adjunct to their existing scope of services. In addition to benefiting your clients with revenue streams and their patients with better care, this is a lucrative opportunity for you by simply creating an introduction.

Our Simple Compensation Plan

CMAT Device

Option 1. $4,000 commission for a simple lead introduction resulting in a purchase. We'll conduct the presentation, close, financing, install, billing training and customer support.


Option2 $10,000 commission if you prefer to rep and sell the CMAT. (Full trading offered)

Osteoarthritis Relief Treatment (OA)

$15,000 commission per sale. All you do is set up a webinar to present the opportunity. We conduct close, financing, install and training.

Our Company

For 20 years we have been on the leading edge of healthcare technology and patient services. We specialize in partnering with our clients to provide the most advanced diagnostic and treatment solutions. Our offerings consistently reflect where the medical field is headed, what patients need, and how physicians want to provide care.

In addition to helping independent physicians and their practices deliver the highest quality of patient care, we also support doctors from a revenue perspective. Representatives with our company understand how to help you grow your practice – and stay independent – by incorporating the innovations in products and services we offer.

We are seeking independent reps to introduce these opportunities to their clients.  We are seeking reps in both the US and other countries.

Our Strategy

Referring Partner

Introduce the practice or physician to the CMAT Advantage to existing relationships.

We conduct an in-office demonstration.
We facilitate the sale, close, installation, training of the office, and customer service.

Selling Partners

We provide a complete device and clinical training

You facilitate presentation, sale, and installation
We'll continue to support with customer service

Our Perfect Candidate

Independent reps with existing strong relationships in primary care and related specialties.
Represented other capital equipment
Represented other revenue-generating services

Full training provided for the right individuals interested in representing our company



Candidate profile and Call Points

Our Economic Buyer/Call Points

The best call points are independent practices. Any practice looking to provide better care for their patients or seeking other ways to create streams of revenue are ideal.

  • Primary care to include GPs, IMs and FPs
  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Endocrinology
  • Pain management

Territories Available

All states currently available

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