Seeking reps with relationships in Urology, Urogynecology and Women's Health Centers.

HIGH Commissions compared to industry standard and volume can be explosive.

It is an exciting, yet challenging time, as clinicians come to the realization that standard culture and isolation methods have been significantly underestimating and misdiagnosing patients with Urinary Tract Infections. This test offers improved sensitivity and specificity vs. traditional tests which will clinicians with a more accurate and complete diagnosis and treatment guidance for UTI patients.

I am a Distributor that is working with a lab that does Molecular DNA UTI testing. This form of testing is clinically superior to the Gold standard, Culture. We are interested in talking with Independent Reps that have strong relationships with Urologists; Urogynecologists; Women’s Health Centers. Commissions are high compared to industry standards, and volume can be explosive. Looking for qualified Reps nationally.

Advantages include:

Greater sensitivity: Identifies organisms that may have been missed by culture
Increased specificity for detecting more organisms that cause polymicrobial infections
Provides guidance on choosing the best antibiotic that is consistent with treatment for all organisms responsible for the patient’s UTI
Faster turnaround time: Results available within 1-2 business days

Territories Available

Nationwide (except New York)

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