Find a principal investigator and site for a hospital-based study along the lines outlined in my article in The Hospitalist. Great opportunity, particularly for those with established relationships with hospitalists (dedicated in-patient physicians)--and for those that have experience initiating a clinical study.

I am looking for help in marketing a research idea to hospitals and physicians. I am setting it up as an all-or-nothing deal. I am retired from healthcare and am now completely without institutional affiliation. I have a deep interest in cardiac resuscitation research and want to try once again to do this study or have someone else do it. The research idea is straightforward and would make for an easy study (both financially and in terms of time and expended effort)--which I believe would almost be guaranteed publication. However, there are definite challenges in “selling” it to hospitals and physicians—though they would just be implementing the study, not actually buying a product. I am offering a $12,000 lump sum payable upon the start of a study (institutional approval and designation of a principal investigator, probably a physician). This lump sum will not be dependent on publication. Any advance charges or costs would need to be deducted from the $12,000. The hospital should have 250+ beds and must use a specific medical device. I may offer a bonus for enlisting a hospital that meets a few other criteria.

Fairly local (Pacific Northwest) is a plus but not essential. A background in hospital healthcare is certainly desirable, and it is essential that you understand the research problem, methodology, and proposed outcome. Please read my article in the November issue of The Hospitalist before contacting me.

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