Independent reps, rep teams and distributors calling on physicians, hospitals, nursing home, LTC, pharmacies....COVID-19 antibody testing....Residual income opportunity...Competitive commission structure.

PRODUCT: COVID-19 Antibody Tests

COVID19 lateral flow IgM/IgG test kit using fingerprick blood
10 minutes to get results
starts at $25 per unit
lateral flow IgM/IgG test kit
Sensitivity 94.7%
Specificity 98%
Accuracy 96.2%




This product is for invitro diagnostics industry, following guidance from the FDA for tests submitted to the FDA for Emergency Use Authorization and Notification on March 16th, 2020, and amended on May 4th, 2020. While this test has been submitted for FDA EUA Authorization, it currently has not been reviewed by the FDA and results from antibody testing should not be used as the sole basis to diagnose or exclude SARS-CoV-2 infection or to inform infection status. Please consult the manual for specific details and limitations of this test.

The detection kit uses the principle of immunochromatography: the separation of components in a mixture through a medium using capillary force and the specific and rapid binding of an antibody to its antigen. Each cassette is a dry medium that has been coated separately with novel coronavirus N protein (“T” test line) and anti-mouse antibody (“C” control line). Detection is done with a single cassette containing two separate strips and sample pads, one for detection of IgM antibodies, and the other for detection of IgG antibodies. Free colloidal gold-labeled anti-human IgG or IgM are in the release pad section (S). Once diluted serum is applied to the release pad section, the anti-human IgG or IgM antibody will bind to coronavirus IgG or IgM antibodies if they are present, forming an IgG-IgG or IgM-IgM complex. The sample and antibodies will then move across the cassette’s medium via capillary action. If coronavirus IgG or IgM antibody is present in the sample, the test line (T) will be bound by the IgG-IgG or IgM-IgM complex and develop color. If there is no coronavirus IgG or IgM antibody in the sample, free anti-human IgG or IgM will not bind to the test line (T) and no color will develop. The free anti-human IgG or IgM antibody will bind to the control line (C); this control line should be visible after the detection step as this confirms that the kit is working properly.


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Successful candidates will be highly motivated, results focused experienced Pharma or Medical sales professionals who have existing contacts with PCPs, urgent cares, hospitals, and more. Proven reps will receive additional products to promote.


WellTree Molecular Group LLC was founded by pharmacy operations professionals with expertise in pharmaceuticals, finance, logistics, inventory, compliance, and operational excellence. A commitment to excellence and innovation is the guiding philosophy of our team. Under the brand name WellTree Healthcare, we serve small and large hospital groups and retail pharmacy businesses encompassing all patient populations across the United States.  As the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the world, the WellTree team challenged ourselves to address the bottleneck of tools and education needed to combat COVID-19. As scientists and pharmacists, the WellTree team is well positioned to find solutions we believe are vital to actively combat the pandemic and regain a sense of security and find our new normal in our work and everyday activities.

Once the world entered the COVID-19 pandemic we, the WellTree team challenged ourselves to address the bottleneck of tools and education needed in the war chest to fight against the infectious diseases, COVID-19. As scientists and pharmacist, we were well positioned to evaluate the COVID-19 test kit market to find a product their team believes is needed to actively fight the pandemic and reopen the country.

Now, we are urgently seeking experienced medical reps to market and sell their product line of infectious disease testing kits, starting with COVID-19.  We need reps immediately who have established relationships. This can be a full or part time role. This is a 1099 position. This is a commission-based role.

We are interviewing professionals across the country. Over the next year, the pharmaceutical industry in the United States is expected to increase by billions of dollars to meet the demand for new infectious disease testing as well as new vaccinations. The pandemic has the potential to keep the mission of improving public health a top priority for the world. This provides an opportunity for us to form a long lasting partnership and positive impact on the country.


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NPI Number Required. We are selling to licensed health care professionals. Any territory or division is open to negotiation.

Nursing Homes
Local Government
Infectious Disease Consulting Groups
Dental offices
and more

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