Understanding the Hospital Sales Process

The landscape of Selling into Hospitals is ever-changing. Over the years selling for most sales industries has changed relatively little compared to how selling to hospitals has changed. The good old days of Hospital Sales reps carrying a bag of “promotional goodies” are pretty much over. Sales into hospitals must be performed by extremely qualified and professional hospital sales representatives. In addition, sales into hospitals must consider more of the regulatory factors, actual hospital sales process factors and the motivators that drive hospital purchasing.

Successful hospitals sales takes a critical understanding of the Hospital Sales Process and utilizing quality hospital sales representatives with that knowledge and expertise. Below is a quick checklist to begin exploring your understanding of the hospital sales process.

A few of the key elements to explore and understand for successful hospital sales include:

  1. Utilizing ONLY Experienced, Qualified and Credentialed Hospital Sales Representatives
    • Manufacturer Sales Representatives
    • Medical Product Distributors
    • Independent Sales Consultants (Sales Reps)
  2. Utilizing Qualified Clinical Sales Support Consultants
  3. Understanding the Hospital Sales Process
  4. Understanding the Hospital Purchasing Process
  5. Knowing Your Competition of Quality Medical Products already with Successful Sales to Hospitals
  6. Access to Resources for Successful Hospital Sales
  7. Regulatory Factors for Hospital Product Sales
  8. Understanding the Drivers for US hospitals’ acquisition
  9. Identifying the right purchasing agent – the actual decision maker
  10. Understanding the sales approach
    • Consultative Sales Approach vs Product Sales Approach
  11. Aligning with the right sales channel partners such as distributors, group purchasing and other Principals
  12. Support needed for your hospital sales team members
  13. Marketing Collateral for Hospital Sales
  14. Understanding Payor (Insurance) Reimbursements and Challenges
  15. Understanding the Real Clinical Needs of the healthcare providers within the Hospital setting
  16. Understanding national or international statistics utilized for hospital sales
    • Number of hospitals
    • Hospital census (bed size of a facility, number of beds)
  17. Understanding the significance of Patient Outcomes, results and patient satisfaction
  18. Understanding the specific community needs of a Hospital


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