MedCepts is an industry leader supporting innovative, flexible and out-of-the-box performance based compensation within a relationship-based culture – ultimately driving results across the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry while revolutionizing interactions between healthcare practitioners, manufacturers and medical sales representatives.

MedCepts is THE Largest, THE Longest Lived, THE Most Active and THE Only Medical Network exclusive to Independent Medical Sales Representatives, Independent Contractors, Medical Product Distributors, Independent Consultants, Independent Healthcare providers and Independent Entrepreneurial spirited members in the world!

MedCepts provides nationwide promotion of medical and health care related products and services. We help clients find and align with Medical Sales Representatives in all specialties. We assist companies with building and managing national sales teams of Independent Medical Sales Representatives (Commission only Sales Reps). In addition, we provide medical product suppliers assistance with strategic placement of Direct Medical Sales Representatives (Salary Reps), clinical liaisons, and management level personnel. We offer turn-key solutions within Sales Management Services.

Align with INDEPENDENT MEDICAL SALES REPS – Commission only Manufacturer Reps – Freelance Sales Agents

Locate top Independent Sales Representatives, distributors, sub-distributors and medical product dealers specializing in the medical sales industry. Attract medical independent sales representatives who are already in the sales field promoting products while seeking new product lines to sell.

Members of MedCepts Independent Sales Network are not passive job seekers; instead they are actively seeking products to add to their sales portfolio. The requests for matching niche products to the sales call points of Independent Sales Representatives is overwhelmingly increasing and MedCepts provides introductory opportunities for manufacturers and medical product suppliers to showcase YOUR product(s) before our network of Independent Sales Representatives.

Do It Yourself Option – Find, Locate and Align with Independent Reps on Your Own utilizing our Nationwide Network –  (Global Distributor Network also available) – Explore A few of our publicly listed Independent Sales Opportunities or Explore Independent Consultant Opportunities,

Hire MedCepts – Find, Locate and Align with Independent Reps with Our Proactive Advanced Management Services

MedCepts is continuously (every day that is!) in contact with Independent sales representatives with our quest to fill the needs of our clients with MedCepts intense, perpetual and proactive candidate search and sales team management duties. We provide comprehensive turn-key solutions for nationwide product promotion while also filling the need of niche products for Independent Reps searching for same. We are continuously searching additional product lines for our Network of Independent Reps with the perfect match to specific call points of the reps to potentially increase their income as the result of promoting additional product(s) – YOUR Products.

If you are a manufacturer or supplier of medical products, MedCepts Independent Sales Rep Network can help you reach medical sales representatives, manufacturer reps and medical product distributorships – all commission only sales partners. MedCepts Network of Independent Sales Representatives have experience in a variety of specialties ranging from medical capital equipment sales, medical software, disposable product lines, IT/Software Services and a wide array of medical products and services. Enjoy the power of networking!

To learn more about our proactive continuous rep search and management services of MedCepts for introducing your company to independent sales representatives and medical distributors, please explore Sales Team Management.

If you would simply like to introduce/showcase your company profile/products to reps and everyone, without MedCepts management services please explore posting your Sales Opportunity – Become a member, Create an Account, Add Your Sales Opportunity Listing.

DIRECT MEDICAL SALES REPS – Augment your team of Independent Sales Reps

Creative Turn-Key solutions for all your staffing needs. MEDCEPTS commitment is to conduct the most extensive medical sales search possible to match the best talent to the needs of our clients. Our search is custom-fitted to each client’s needs and goals. From the early planning stages through the completion of rep placement, we identify potential candidates, evaluate the skills and talents of prospective candidates, and ultimately secure the most qualified candidates to fill key roles in the evolution of our client companies.

Explore Additional Rep Connect Options

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