From the “New Idea” to Concept & Distribution – Improving Healthcare one phase at a time…

MedCepts is THE Largest, THE Longest Lived, THE Most Active and THE Only Medical Network exclusive to Independent Sales Reps, Independent Contractors, Medical Product Distributors, Independent Consultants, Independent Healthcare providers and Independent Entrepreneurial spirited network in the world!

Industry leader supporting innovative, flexible and out-of-the-box performance based compensation within a relationship-based culture

MedCepts is an industry leader supporting innovative, flexible and out-of-the-box performance based compensation within a relationship-based culture – ultimately driving results across the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry while revolutionizing interactions between healthcare practitioners, manufacturers and sales representatives.

Our Services

The focus of our medical sales network is to provide support for sourcing and outsourcing processes of the healthcare industry and thus to facilitate the search for suitable contractors for specific services. MedCepts networks with niche specialists and consultants for all life cycles for medical and healthcare related products and services.


A major division within our medical sales network includes Medical Product Manufacturers, suppliers and vendors seeking independent manufacturer sales reps, contract sales reps, independent consultants, introductions to providers, networking access to funding, development, distribution, launch….. Strategic Cost Optimization and Revenue Enhancement Solutions….  Our medical sales network is a leading provider of comprehensive outsourced sales and marketing solutions to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and all medical and healthcare related industries.


Physician and Clinician Inventors, Clinician and Physician Entrepreneurs, Strategic Vendor Relationships, Practice Management Solutions, News, Information, Strategic Cost Optimization and Revenue Enhancement Solutions….

Network Solutions for Manufacturers and Suppliers:  Product Ready for Launch – Outsourcing Your Sales Team Recruiting & Management (Assist Programs also available)

Clinical Recruitment

MedCepts Medical and Clinical Recruitment: MedCepts Medical Recruitment offers resources and scale capabilities required to assist hospitals, long term care / rehab facilities, ambulatory surgery centers, diagnostic centers, medical practices, and all other healthcare related organizations across the U.S. and select international facilities with their recruiting and hiring needs.


MedCepts can help: Whether you need one rep, or 10 sales reps in every state. or if you need an Entire Sales team with management professionals. We can help with Distribution Partners, Regional Sales Managers or Product Training Managers from national to regional exposure. We will work directly with you to Explore with commission only medical sales representatives, manufacturer reps and distributors. Align with talented team members, lead generators, sales managers, and more – all rewarded by flat fees, commissions or other creative compensation packages! Aggressive team building: Contract Sales


MedCepts positioned as a liaison between your company, the sales reps & distribution partners. Team Education, Team Training, Field training, Territory Assignments, Sales Goal Targets, territory team expansion for successful teams. Rapid implementation and training to support sales results. Turn-key sales management solutions including Partial Assistance to work with your team or Entire Teams. Explore the multiple ways we can assist you.

Medical Sales Distribution Channels

Locating, selecting, aligning and contracting with Stocking and Non-Stocking Distributors. You can find, locate and acquire Distribution Partners on your own by initiating introductions on our ISR Opportunity Listings or MedCepts will assist you with this process through our Management Services

Group Purchasing

Locating, selecting, aligning and contracting with Group Purchasing and Group Buying Organizations. Obtaining contracts doesn’t always mean sales results. Working the contracts in combination with a national sales team is a key element. You can find, locate and acquire Buying Groups on your own or MedCepts will assist you with this process through our Management Services


Regular communications with sales team members while monitoring their activities is incorporated into our management services.


  • Independent Reps – Sales Force Philosophies & Economics
  • Sales Presentation
  • Training Your Sales Team
  • Sales Agreements
  • Rep Connect – Independent Medical Reps on Demand
  • Magnetic Sales Teams

Social Media

If you run a medical or healthcare related company, you should be leveraging the power of social media and obtaining additional exposure. Using Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Doximity for business is a great way to obtain additional exposure or to gather leads and make sales – and if you have initiated any social networking activity, you know it can take up a lot of your valuable time.

Running a startup business is already filling your day beyond the routine 9-5 hours. Who has time to learn and manage multiple social media accounts? Our social media management solutions will not only attract new followers and keep those audiences engaged, but they will also keep you doing what you do best – running your business. Let us handle the backend work for you! See for yourself how our strategists can get to work for you!

Website Membership Building, UAT Experience, Social Exposure

We are networking dominators!  Aggressive Networking for the Medical and Healthcare Industry. We can provide a Digitally Disruptive Approach to Exposure! We specialize in and provide powerful, proactive and knowledgeable networking relationships and campaigns that deliver real time results. MedCepts is a brand known for well over a decade and a half! Let’s network together to EXPOSE YOUR BRAND.

Additional Network Solutions for Healthcare providers:

New health care technologies, medications, treatments, and procedures are being developed rapidly, and clinicians are expected to incorporate them into their daily practices. Clinicians are also expected to assimilate both old and new knowledge and apply that knowledge to their patients.

  • Physician Invented Products: Benefit from learning about Products and services offered by fellow healthcare providers. We support Physicians who see a need and figure out a way to meet it. Studies reveal Medical Products invented by physicians are more likely to represent significant advances and to be much more profitable than those invented by non-physicians. MedCepts takes special interest in physician invented products, small businesses and diversity businesses, such as veteran owned, woman owned and minority owned businesses.
  • Claim your interest to Maintain quality patient care and keep ahead of competition. Our network addresses the needs of Healthcare providers and Practitioners providing easy, straightforward, access to State-of-the-Art medical product Technology from around the world, practice management solutions, and other services for healthcare providers to maintain quality patient care and to keep practitioners and care centers ahead of their competition. Review products and services at your leisure and contact companies with easy to use electronic forms.
  • Benefit from Substantial savings and added value offered exclusively to network Members of  MedCepts. Medical Product and service Suppliers and manufacturers recognize the value of offerings through our network and often offer substantial savings. (Many of those contracted with us for our management services, provide us a pricing structure promise of the lowest price offered – even in comparison to their largest distribution channels.)
  • List your Practice, Institution, or Facility with Management Control of your listing. Thanks to the widespread use of computers, the Internet, and other telecommunications advancements, physicians and who advertise online can now reach a wide audience and open up their chances of attracting more clients. Of course, more clients would usually equate to an increase in revenue as well.
  • Time Saving: News, Information, Product and Supplier Information, Networking and Market Research

In the past, physicians were limited to offline materials like journals and other offline references for accessing medical information, product information and news. According to recent research on digital health trends and e-marketing released, “the average physician spends a full work day (eight hours) per week using the Internet for professional reasons – a substantial jump from only 2.5 hours in 2002.” (9/2009 Manhattan Research)

  • Physician / Clinician Opportunities – It can cost $1 billion and take 8 to 12 years to take a drug from molecule to market. The new concept to market of a medical device product is another lengthy and costly process. As the cost of drug & medical device development skyrockets, with regulatory complexities increasing, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies find it economical and prudent to out source many aspects of their research and developmental work, providing opportunities for physicians.

Website Hosting options:

MedCepts recognizes the valuable benefits of web presence for many businesses. We offer tools at a HUGE cost reduction to maintain your business presence on the web. For more information, see Web Site Services (free website templates, 1 Domain $3.99 a month or FIVE domains hosted for only $4.99 a month.)

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