Innovations and inventions in the field of medicine have revolutionized the healthcare delivery system. Naturally, crucial to this advancement is the physician. Physicians are constantly at the forefront of battle with disease and disability. Because of this, there is no other profession more knowledgeable than a physician on what the patient needs and deserves.

The physician makes for an excellent inventor.

Development in any certain field or specialty requires deep understanding and constant exposure. These factors are required for the birth of innovative ideas and its subsequent materialization. For these reasons, physicians are most likely to have great medical product ideas and continuous rise in expanding the Role of Physicians Beyond Clinical Practice.

Numerous government and private entities have creative initiatives recognizing the importance of physician inventors.

There has been an increased growth in programs worldwide which encourage ingenuity, testing and the trial of novel concepts and provision of incentives for the doctor scientist. In the United States, we struggled for many years with the concept of doctors as inventors. Likewise, patenting raised issues about profits versus ethics. However, support from the government and private sector is on the rise to bare the value of the physician inventor. Physicians can definitely drive the advancement of the healthcare delivery system. That is, whether they utilize their clinical knowledge for innovative inventions or in the capacity of consulting opportunities for physicians.

There are countless examples of Physician Inventions

Cutting and dissecting in surgery by itself causes tissue damage and is considered invasive. For this reason, Dr. Harrith Hasson invented the Hasson cannula. As a result, this device allows the passage of surgical instruments into the abdomen and makes for a less invasive approach to surgery. Medical Sales Trends – Investment in Start-Ups by Body Parts will have an important role in investor support.

The doctor is the end user for developed devices. Through constant practice in their respective fields of medicine, the doctor can objectively assess the efficiency and safety of current medical technology.

Through their mastery of anatomy and physiology, they can conceive alternative approaches to treatment which cause less pain, bleeding and destruction of tissues. In conjunction with the Hasson cannula, this is how minimally invasive surgery was developed. Additionally, through mastery of biology and physics did Dr. Raymond Vahan Damadian invent magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This invention allows us to see through layers of tissue without having to cut through it. Through familiarity with pharmacology and the disease process, the physician can discover formulations for treating symptoms and their pathologic causes. To illustrate, this was particularly true for Alexander Fleming, the Scottish physician biologist who discovered penicillin.  His discovery heralded the era of antibiotics man’s succeeding victories over infection.

Modern Medicine and the Physician Invention

Today’s medical practice is safe, effective and comfortable. We have modern laboratory tests and imaging studies which give us a higher degree of certainty in making our diagnosis. In addition, we even have robotic assistance for performing selected surgeries. Furthermore, thanks to all these technological advances, medicine has become greatly beneficial to the patient.

New innovative healthcare technology is a far cry from medieval medicine which is perceived to be unquestionably painful, barbaric and even fatal. From ancient morbid practices like treating hemorrhoids with a hot iron rod, we now have cautery machines which cut and stop bleeding with pin-point accuracy. To clarify, much has changed over the years. Most importantly, Innovation needs to be encouraged to develop novel devices to improve clinical outcomes.

MedCepts actively supports the physician inventor.

We welcome a physician’s new launch and our network members in our sales and distribution division looks forward to pioneering newly physician invented products. MedCepts takes special interest in physician invented products. We recognize the cost of getting inventions to market. Utilizing a well established network of independent sales professionals and medical product distributors can be a cost effective means to begin building your sales and distribution channels, particularly with compensation based on commission only for sales results.


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