First Impressions Matter in the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Many of us can agree, first impressions are very important. The first impression made can be a crucial factor to your success as an individual, business, team, healthcare provider, sales professional, website or brand. A first impression is made within 50 milliseconds to 7 seconds. Be sure you make a good impression! First impressions are typically [...]


Tips on Social Networking in the medical and healthcare industry

Tips and Benefits of Social Networking Social networking is powerful when you understand the benefits (and recognize potential negatives) to investing your time and efforts across social sites. We have put together the top 5 tips and benefits of social networking for those in the medical and healthcare industry. Build Your Brand There are many [...]


Branding Medical and Healthcare Websites with Content

Content, content, content. Lately, it is ALL about content! Branding with quality content is what takes one website well above the next.  Anyone, with experience, in marketing and website development will tell you relevant and keyword related content is critical. Particularly, for capturing the attention of those searching for information on your niche topics. Quality [...]


Selling to Physicians from a Physician’s Perspective

Doctors are natural skeptics. Remember, doctors were educated in scientific communities. The dictates of medical practice and continuing medical education on evaluating evidence related to medicine states that you have to question all the claims given by all existing medical products, instruments and services out there. Given the fact that numerous products sprout out year [...]

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