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What Can Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps Expect From Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors & Service Providers

What Can Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps Expect From Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors & Service Providers When working directly with Manufacturers, there are several things that can but should never be expected of them by independent sales reps. Initial discussions should be inclusive to identify the roles and expectations of the other.  Review the following examples. Product [...]


Independent Contractor and Physician Entrepreneurs: Expanding the Role of Physicians Beyond Clinical Practice

From global events to industry specific affairs, there is an ever expanding role for physicians to fill. Within the confines of medical related industries alone, there is a huge potential for a physician consultant.  in medical device or product conception and development, written and verbal communication and information dissemination, even marketing and distribution. As such, [...]


The Independent Physician Entrepreneur – Branding and Social Media

The Independent Physician Entrepreneur in social media There are numerous aspects to consider when we think about a Physician as an Entrepreneur.  This includes expanding the role of physicians beyond the clinical practice. The Physician inventor, the independent physician consultant, the physician in research consulting and let’s not forget, the physician in a medical practice, [...]


An increase in Hiring of Independents in the Medical industry

The growth trend continues to rise for the hiring of high-quality independent consultants and top-level independent sales representatives, with employers in actual bidding wars to hire independents in an attempt to transition the independent consultants back to an employee capacity. The Great Depression in 2008 and 2009 brought to us a serious change in the [...]


Benefits of being a Freelance Agent, Nurse Perspective

Taking the leap from critical bedside care to entrepreneurial freedom as a freelance agent is a success story in its own. This milestone brings with it limitless benefits that can dramatically alter an individual’s mindset and career path. From that point of embracing change and practicing as a freelance agent, the world (as I know [...]

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