Frequently Asked Questions2019-05-01T07:54:22-05:00
Our company wants direct reps and independent reps, can we use MedCepts for our direct reps too?2019-04-25T08:37:58-05:00

Yes! Absolutely. MedCepts is an industry leader supporting innovative, flexible and out-of-the-box performance-based compensation within a relationship-based culture. That simply means we encourage creative compensation strategies! Whether you are offering a small base with any of the commission variables for sales closed to full-time salary positions, the network wants to know.

I need products to sell! Where & how do I sign up!?2019-03-26T10:06:55-05:00

Please use the “Rep Registration” link to start this process. Minimum information is required to establish a free user account. When selecting “Categories” choose those you have experience, relationships or wish to expand into.

I don’t want my contact info for public view. Is it?2021-04-13T17:49:21-05:00

When you first initiate your account and provide information regarding your bio/resume and contact information we make every attempt to keep this information and profile from direct public access, to protect you from spam mail and potential “Spaghetti throwers” – Over the years, our model has been for MedCepts to communicate to you, and allow YOU to decide if you are interested in the specifics of the communication. However, when you inquire (or apply) about a specific opportunity posted on our job board then that information that you provide (to that specific job) is shared with the vendor/employer. If you only share minimum information they will not have access to your resume or bio of your rep account unless you attach it. Be sure to attach your resume when applying or provide enough information about yourself to encourage them to reach out to you.

I want more info on a product !! How can I tell if my information was received that I sent?2019-04-25T08:43:36-05:00

Check your My Account dashboard to find a list of all opportunities you have applied to, listed via the “My Applications” link. You will see the application and when you sent it. You will also see the “status” based on how the vendor (employer) has chosen to label the application  – new, accepted, read, reviewing. If the status has not been changed by the vendor employer, it will remain unchanged on your dashboard.

If you would like to follow up you can do so by resending another application. Follow up may be done if you have not heard back. Yes, you can reapply for the same opportunity. We recommend when reapplying you provide enticing information to elicit a response. Recognize an application may not be immediately followed up by vendors / manufacturers because they have representation in your territory at the time, but a new opportunity may open up in your area in the future. Your application is saved in their dashboard. Be sure you represent yourself well when you first apply. “Send me more info” typically doesn’t work too well.

How much information should I send as a response?2022-01-05T09:16:20-06:00

You will be able to provide your contact information and you have the option to upload your resume or bio presenting your sales experience. You can also upload an image (in your profile) for a more personal and professional presentation which is shown to the vendor account holder when you apply for their opportunity.

How much information you provide is strictly up to your discretion.  However, it is recommended you provide enough information to actually elicit a response from the listing owner. As an example, if you are responding to a “Cardiology Related Product” – be sure to provide your sales experience in cardiology or let them know about the cardiology-related relationships that you have. You can also let the listing owner know why you feel the opportunity sounds like a good fit for your sales portfolio. Oftentimes, a hiring team member may not know why you feel the opportunity is a good fit and may not follow up. Let’s be honest, if you simply provide your contact information, then you can probably expect the sales professionals providing a strong background to receive a higher priority for the listing owner to reach out to. A simple message of: “Send more info” isn’t the best attention grabber for the hiring team! :)

We need quality independent sales reps. How do we get started?2022-01-05T09:04:20-06:00

Members: Your advertisement will be posted on the MedCepts network. Your payment provides you an advertisement which remains online and in our system for as long as the term commitment you have chosen. You may come in and out for posting opportunities at any time.

Non Members or First time members: If you are seeking to place an advertisement for the first time, you must first become an approved member of MedCepts. To become an approved member of MedCepts for the first time, there will be a new member registration process and a comprehensive behind the scene membership approval process. Please make sure you have completed all fields during the registration process. Our goal is to provide viable sales opportunities. Commission only reps need to be able to make a commission and our vendor members need to find good sales reps. Combined, that’s what makes a great network! See Site Terms for more information.

Am I able to post my opportunity under a category not listed?2019-03-06T23:20:01-06:00

If you would like your listing in a category which we have not listed on our main menu then please contact us with what category or subcategory you would like or need. In the meanwhile you can add your listing to the best fit category or categories available.

We need reps in multiple territories. Do we need to place a listing for each territory?2019-03-06T23:26:44-06:00

We realize most job boards charge you to post a sales opportunity for each territory you seek to find sales candidates for, but not on MedCepts! You pay only one membership listing fee for the term you select which allows for you to fill sales territories across USA and select international regions.

If you have preferred targeted areas, or only select territories open, you simply need to outline those targeted areas within your job description.

Are there limitations on the number of responses we can receive?2019-03-07T00:05:22-06:00

No, we do NOT place any limits on the number of responses your listing can receive. 

Will you provide us a list of sales reps for us to contact?2019-04-03T08:22:33-05:00

No. We make every attempt to keep our rep members mailboxes free from spam mail and unwanted phone calls. We also feel cold-calling sales reps and manufacturer distributors from a database list is time consuming and ineffective.  For time management purposes, for all parties involved, we feel it is best to give you the tools to showcase the sales opportunity for your product or service. Content within the Job listings can then provide the sales reps information so they can determine if they are interested because they feel there is potential for your products or services within the realm of their call points and already established relationships. We do offer additional marketing targeted to select candidates of your specialty call points.

How can I search for an opportunity based on a Keyword?2021-08-21T12:29:33-05:00

Hover your mouse over the link “1099 Jobs” – watch for the dropdown, “Search 1099 Jobs” then click on that. Remember, whenever searching based on keywords, there can be multiple search criteria for your targeted search. For example, if you are searching for opportunities based on your relationships in Long Term Care Facilities, you will find more results if you type in: Long Term Care, LTC, SNF rather than just Long Term Care. The results will be based on the actual wording the vendor/employer posted in the listing.

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