We are not about numbers, but we are more focused on quality. Quality gave us numbers. Our great network members are our numbers!

Our reputation throughout the medical and healthcare industry is one of quality and commitment. Our core value of integrity has given MedCepts the opportunity to partner with some of the most advanced and well-respected companies in the medical and healthcare industry — and it has allowed us to make an impact that makes a real difference, on customers and on the lives of people. We are not about numbers, but rather quality. Quality gave us numbers. The following are unsolicited Testimonials from network members and the testimonials have been taken directly from email or verbal communications.

Medical Device Manufacturer

“A gateway to Intelligence and Professional contacts in all of our development, marketing, sales and acquisition needs…. Synchronizing marketing activities with product development has been critical to our success…. As we continue developing more products we look forward to each of the Product’s Positioning with MedCepts – the core that differentiates our products from everything else in the marketplace.” Ralph R CEO and Inventor of Company’s Core Products, formerly Chief Operating Officer of …

FDA licensed drug and device manufacturer

” You have been a breath of fresh air in our search for a sales team. Our prior experiences, with job placement firms,  have been, at the very best, extremely disappointing. ” 1/19/2011 Wallace R – CEO and inventor of company’s core products, formerly Vice-President of Product Development of the Medical Division of C. R. Bard, Inc., a multi-national medical device company; President of Catalina Biomedical Corporation, a drug & device manufacturer and director of Scientific Affairs for International

Medical, Surgical & Diagnostic Equipment Company

MedCepts Aligns Sales Team for Company established 10 years – MedCepts obtains multiple national GPO contracts – Sales triple first year – Company is Sold through Investment Broker – New Owners Calls MedCepts back after the first two years of new management and states, “Previous sales numbers were at their highest when you were involved……”  (Called to discuss networking with MedCepts again, based on review of historical annual sales.) Resulting in, “I look forward to teaming up with MedCepts and turning this company back around.”  …. 40 days later – “I can’t even tell you how much more you have done than your predecessor. I am glad you are on board.” Greg H – President – Medical, Surgical & Diagnostic Equipment Company

Cardiology Device Manufacturer – Results of Rep Ad Posting first 30 days

“I have been very pleased with the solid results delivered to us by MedCepts. I have received over 60 replies and hired 15 ISRs from them. $$$  We tried other job boards like M*dR*ps but they all proved to attract candidates that needed salaries and ended up being a waste of time. I especially appreciated <agent> and the other staff members that tailor made a program to suite our needs. I highly recommend MedCepts.” Bill R – VP Corporate Relations -5/2012

Medical Device Developer – Design & Testing

“<Agent> and the entire staff at Medcepts have given us excellent service and made me feel like I was THE Client they wanted to support most. The network that MedCepts brings to connect the medical field professionals from device developers through sales channels to end users throughout the world is unparalleled (and frankly something I am not good at). We stick to medical device creation and testing, and we leave the marketing/networking to Medcepts. The number and quality of introductions I receive is much more than I anticipated. Nicely done!” Marshall W – President – Medical Device Development – Design & Testing 10/2011

Physician Inventor – Health and Wellness

“Thanks for all your help.  I remain very excited about the momentum we are generating.” Mark G, MD – Physician Inventor for products in our Health & Wellness Division


Healthcare Provider

WOW! WOW! WOW! Our entire office is impressed! We were looking for a patient testing unit and we sent an inquiry to MedCepts. Within 48 hours we had information on several units to compare which unit would fit our needs the best. We were provided the manufacturers information for the different units, pricing and testing capabilities. We then had a sales representative in the office providing us demonstrations on the units we were interested in. Absolutely Amazing! Dottie, Office Manager Dr. W

Healthcare Provider

        “WOW! Thanks!”             Dr. U, DC (Doctor of Chiropractic)



We’re not looking to boast – but if you want more……

Manufacturer: Capital, Diagnostics & Reagents – Independent Rep Listing after first 10 days ad listing/32 rep responses:

“I appreciate all your help in getting our campaign started……….I am pretty happy with the quality of the responses we are getting up to this point. They seem to be very qualified and calling on the target market we are marketing to. There is definitely a big improvement over the leads we were getting from manufacturers ***.com.”  J.T Managing Director (05-24-2013)

Medical Product Distributor – Independent Sales Division seeking reps to expand coverage and increase sales:

“I am just writing to tell you how extremely happy I have been with my responses from my Medcepts ad.  These responses have truly been overwhelming, as I have had the pleasure of connecting with so many qualified salespeople through your service! When I first placed the ad, I could not decide between Medcepts and HI*A, and in fact I was a little worried about whether or not my investment was going to pay off…so I went with both companies simultaneously.  Well, the truth is that for every 50 responses I have received from Medcepts, I have received only one response from HI*A.  I would not have expected such a difference, but this has certainly made up my mind as to where I will be placing my advertising dollars from now on. And in addition to the great response with Medcepts, I want to thank you so much for all the personal attention that you have given me through this process.  I did not receive any of this through HI*A.  You spent time with me and asked me questions about my business, and you applied your expertise to help me develop the ad that worked for me.  I cannot tell you how much that personal time and energy you spent with me is so deeply appreciated, as it helped me to generate many new quality contacts for my business. Thanks a millions {agent at MedCepts}, and kudos to you and Medcepts for this great service!” Linda K.S., Distributor – President (03-13-2013)

Medical Product Distributor – Independent Sales Division

“What impresses me about MedCepts is the skill in assisting companies rolling out new products or services….and the tremendous resources including the huge manufacturer, hospital, doctor, VA and sales rep data base.”  Don W – Distributor – President

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative – Salary Division 

“I have been working with {agent at MedCepts} and have been extremely impressed with the service she has provided me. I would recommend her to anyone who is actively looking for a job in the medical arena. I have appreciated her hard work through out the entire process. She was very helpful in helping me with my resume and what job would be best suited for me. I wanted to let you all know that I am very happy with the services provided me. Thanks ”   Kelly Atlanta Merck Pharmaceutical Sales Representative

Medical Device Development –  Product Development & Launch Network Division

“Thanks for the excellent service and the levity” …. “You always handle things so well!” …”You are involved in so many interesting ways.”…”Thank you for the intro…This is directly in our sweet spot so keep making those types of intros….” … “Once again you are working the magic. Nicely done!” Marshall W – President – Medical Device Development – Design & Testing

Professional Business Developer – Product Development & Launch Network Division

” I love the Medical Sales Network…. By having a great relationship with you and the MedCepts Medical Sales Network, I am able to tell all my clients and potential clients that I have direct access to a wide network of professional, commission-only sales reps nationwide….. I am able to speak on their behalf with you.  This keeps me in the loop with my clients and puts me in the position of acting as their business developer.”  Thomas B, Owner – Specializing in Professional Sales and Marketing for small businesses.

Medical Sales Recruiters & Staffing Network Division

“Thank you for your professionalism, easy explanations, friendliness, team support and great personalities… You are a terrific asset to our company.”  JT, Recruiter Network

Drug and Device Manufacturer 

“I have to say, all of us in the office is loving MedCepts!”      Dorothy D – Admin

Physician Developed Device –

“You’re doin’ great . . and we’re a good team . .  work is fun ..in tandem… ‘thank you..!”

Case Studies:

Case Study 207: National Medical Product Launch: Company Acquisition in the 6th Month following Beta Launch with Independent Medical Sales reps already in the sales field with relationships.

Case Study 305: Multiple National Contracts Obtained – National Sales Team Placed of Independent Reps

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