This article deals on the psychology of selling to physicians. Selling involves skills and traits which improve the possibilities of getting a sales concluded. In the medical trade, it is normal for the physician to interact with numerous medical representatives. Each of them would offer their own brand of products or services. Normally, a physician would choose and deal with a few reps on a regular basis. Over time these dealings develop into solid relationships based on knowledge, trust and professionalism.

 The Exceptional Sales Representative and Physician Relationship

A solid physician-medical representative relationship has the product and the representative to consider. Obviously, the product or service itself has to be pass safety and efficiency standards. Additionally, the rep should pass basic competencies like knowledge of the product they carry, familiarity with the medical specialties they cover and such. Then there are exceptional reps. These reps relate exceptionally well with their physicians and their effort reflects on the volume and duration of their sales. Such results are not a matter of chance.

Any prudent medical representative can reproduce these same results by going beyond the basic competencies required of them. A good rep has to be studious. They have to research about their physicians up to the point of knowing their temperaments and preferences. In addition, they have to familiarize themselves with the hospital and clinic procurement systems. The rep should have good introspection to adjust their interactions with different doctors and with the whole clinic or hospital system.

The Physician and Sales Rep Relationship

The effort you put into the physician-rep relationship can be translated into other terms from the physician’s point of view. A preferred rep could be preferred because you are very professional.

A physician notices when you value the doctors’ time and never miss deliveries, dates or deadlines. Additionally, reliability is important to the physician. Another big factor to the physician is that you deliver exactly what you promise.

The physician could find you pleasant to interact with. Physicians appreciate when you provide useful and relevant information. Similarly, you are knowledgeable about your product, their practice and their patients.

Furthermore, sensitivity to their specific needs for patient care builds on the relationship.  At the end of the day, this is what establishes a good physician-medical sales representative relationship. Most importantly, these factors are controllable. It means that your relationship with the physician and the success of your sales depends on how much work you put into it.

A Physician Links Quality Reps with Their Products

It is very true for doctors to link the products that they use or prescribe to the medical representatives that manage it for them. When they think brand O they think about rep O as well. A product well recalled by a doctor without them recalling the representative for that product means that the rep has failed to make a rapport with the physician. On the other hand, when the doctor recalls the rep, he/she is always sure to remember the medical products and services that the rep handles.





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