Selling to Dentists

Five (5) Tips for Selling to Dentists, from a dentist’s perspective. These are Tips formulated by a dentist from their own dental practice experiences and working with experienced dental sales reps. Novice to Experienced dental sales representatives will also benefit from review of these 5 valuable sales tips from a Dentist for Selling to Dentists, [...]


First Impressions Matter in the Medical and Healthcare Industry

Many of us can agree, first impressions are very important. The first impression made can be a crucial factor to your success as an individual, business, team, healthcare provider, sales professional, website or brand. A first impression is made within 50 milliseconds to 7 seconds. Be sure you make a good impression! First impressions are typically [...]


Selling with a Start Up Company over a Big Brand Company

Rep Survey Insight: Independent 1099 Medical Device Reps prefer selling with a Start Up Company over a Big Brand Company A sample survey was conducted by targeting multiple divisions of our medical sales rep network with 5,751 total qualifying respondents. MedCepts continuously seeks to offer new insight to the latest trends within the medical sales [...]


MedCepts Recruiting Division rated #2 (of 6,000 firms) for 2013 Most Influential Sales Recruitment Firms

MedCepts Receives Top Recruiter Award as recognition of being in the top Most Influential Sales Recruitment firms across America 2013 Most Influential Sales Recruitment Firms across America – MedCepts recruiting division ranks #2 of 6,000 Recruitment Firms in USA for 2013 for the Most Influential Sales Recruitment Firms.  An extensive expert analysis for 6000 recruitment [...]


Tips on Social Networking in the medical and healthcare industry

Tips and Benefits of Social Networking Social networking is powerful when you understand the benefits (and recognize potential negatives) to investing your time and efforts across social sites. We have put together the top 5 tips and benefits of social networking for those in the medical and healthcare industry. Build Your Brand There are many [...]


What Can Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps Expect From Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors & Service Providers

What Can Independent Manufacturer Sales Reps Expect From Manufacturers, Suppliers, Vendors & Service Providers When working directly with Manufacturers, there are several things that can but should never be expected of them by independent sales reps. Initial discussions should be inclusive to identify the roles and expectations of the other.  Review the following examples. Product [...]


Branding Medical and Healthcare Websites with Content

Content, content, content. Lately, it is ALL about content! Branding with quality content is what takes one website well above the next.  Anyone, with experience, in marketing and website development will tell you relevant and keyword related content is critical. Particularly, for capturing the attention of those searching for information on your niche topics. Quality [...]


Sales Rep and Physician Relationship from a Physician’s Perspective

This article deals on the psychology of selling to physicians. Selling involves skills and traits which improve the possibilities of getting a sales concluded. In the medical trade, it is normal for the physician to interact with numerous medical representatives. Each of them would offer their own brand of products or services. Normally, a physician [...]


Selling to Physicians from a Physician’s Perspective

Doctors are natural skeptics. Remember, doctors were educated in scientific communities. The dictates of medical practice and continuing medical education on evaluating evidence related to medicine states that you have to question all the claims given by all existing medical products, instruments and services out there. Given the fact that numerous products sprout out year [...]

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