The role of an Independent Sales Representative in New Product Development

Independent Sales representatives have a strong entrepreneurial spirit and can often have an important role in developing new products, exploring product competition and collecting other sales or marketing data for a company planning to develop a new product.

An ongoing plan to develop new products is often a huge part of a company’s marketing strategy. Independent Sales Representatives can play an important role in new product development. Independent representatives can often offer insight to the needs of, or insight from, their established customer relations in the sales representative’s territory, ultimately helping a company to expand their market share.

When a company seeks to expand its market share by expanding with additional products, or whether the company is introducing their first product, one of the first steps for the company is to gather information from a number of sources and these sources often includes the sales representatives and sales team managers. New product ideas or variations of existing products often come from the sales team members, the marketing department or from the demand of the sales representatives’ customers themselves. An open perspective is essential for the successful development of a new product. Utilizing the ideas of (or exploring the potential) with a variety of people is often common practice. Who better can access the market quickly and efficiently to explore the adaptability of a product or service offering into the market than a sales representative already with relationships? An important consideration for utilizing sales representatives to explore the market during and after market development is to align with specialty niche sales representatives, particularly those sales representatives already experienced selling products or services specifically related to your product.

Sales Representatives and Sales managers have even taken the independent entrepreneurial spirit to another level by identifying a need in the market and bringing their own idea to market!

At MedCepts, we have been fortunate enough to offer sales opportunities to our independent sales rep and distributor network that was actually created and developed by a sales rep professional!

If you are in the planning and development stages of a product or establishing a new service offering for market entry into the medical and healthcare industry, consider aligning with one or more of our independent rep network members (or as we refer to them, independent consultants) to assist you with creative ideas and marketing strategies in the early developing and marketing stages.

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