Opportunity open to Independent Medical Sales Reps, Manufacturer reps, Distributors and Sub-Distributors

Multi-Disciplinary clinics: Sports and orthopedic medicine, rehab, Physical Therapists, industrial medicine, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Medical Doctors and Acupuncture Therapists. Reimbursement information available (CPT Code 97750)

Product modifications for promoting to Fitness Centers, Physical trainers, Corporate Wellness, Universities and more!

After 15 years of product development, we are ready to market through manufacturers reps. This system offers the most accurate and objective isometric testing available. Isometric testing monitors a patient's muscle strength. The force exerted is transferred to a load cell and recorded in the patient's data bank. All force procedures are performed unassisted. Test results are compared bilaterally. By comparing this report to a prior baseline test, the slightest change in muscle strength is accurately measured.The

Economic Buyers/Call Points = The most successful call points are Multi-Disciplinary clinics. These include Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physical Therapists, Medical Doctors and Accupuncture Therapists.

Compensation = commission is 20% - 25% depending on product division. Literature and CDs are available

Territories Available = Nationwide

Training Provided = minimum required

Field Assistance = yes

Physician Developed - (DC) Chiropractor

Candidate profile and Call Points

Independent Medical Sales reps with compensation of commission only for results.

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