Exciting new launch for those with relationships in the Department of Defense, VA facilities, VISN's and across the broader federal government sector. 

Absolutely a HUGE earning potential for the right reps with the right relationships.

The company was founded on the idea of enabling access to medical care for those in need throughout the world. The company provides a wide range of telemedicine hardware devices and service support to the US military operating in austere environments around the world.

Multiple Opportunities:

The following three telemedicine device platforms cover the entire continuum of care first and enable Providers to remotely care for patients in any environment.  These Virtual Exam Room (VER) telemedicine devices integrate an FDA 510(k) Class II tablet with a suite of equipment including ECGs, scopes, and other biometric monitors to provide specialists with live information on patients, regardless of their location. VER comes in three models, the VER-Tactical (VER-TAC), VER-Prolonged Field Care (VER-PFC), and VER Telestroke Cart.

VER-TAC and VER-PFC are designed for use in all environments globally, whether austere or clinical.  The Telestroke cart is meant primarily for clinical use.  All three systems are purpose-built for use in bandwidth-constrained environments, providing an industry-leading capability for live video, audio, and streaming biometric data.  These devices can also be deployed in locations where large quantities of individuals either require monitoring or processing, such as at an airport, on a cruise ship, containment facility, prison, hospital, or during a mass casualty event. Remote monitoring with these devices ensures the care team will maintain total awareness of the patient's condition, whether on a battlefield, in a hospital, or in a remote clinic.

VER connects to remote Providers through our HIPAA-compliant Care Central cloud-based web portal. Care Central gives a remote Provider the ability to conduct a complete virtual exam with the same level of efficacy provided by an in-person exam. VER's secure videoconferencing with simultaneous live streaming of vital signs, cardiopulmonary data, and medical images allows for immediate assessment and confident decisions clinically. Care Central allows the entire Care Team to provide medical services from the point of injury, to the hospital, and even in the home. We also maintain a national Provider network of Doctors, Nurses, and other Qualified Healthcare Professionals, which stand ready to support our clients whenever they need us.

Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Small Business – registered to do business with the government, Successfully awarded numerous contracts

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