Independent reps and rep teams with relationships to surgeons wanted. Amazing opportunity.

Easy sales process. Quick closing process. Residual commission.

New soft launch and extremely hot opportunity. Income-generating for the rep and revenue-generating for the surgeon in an area they are presently outsourcing and missing a large opportunity for their practice.

Those with relationships with Surgeons, General surgeons, colorectal surgeons and orthopedic surgeons are huge winners here.

Nationwide opportunities. Easy sales process. Quick closing process. Residual commission.

High commissions on both the initial sale AND the recurring sales.

These products are used by Doctors every day, but they're not taking advantage of the potential revenue stream. 

This opportunity was founded by a surgeon, recognizing the market need and revenue potential for fellow surgeons.


Additional Company Provided Information: 

Our initial products serve a primary customer of surgeons.  We’re initially focused on private practices, and will soon be accommodating employed surgeons.

The products are already well-known to the surgeons, there is no education process, new science to learn, or a complicated device to demo.

These are not just another expense to the surgeon as part of their business operation.

These products are necessary for the Surgeon’s patients and will be a revenue stream to augment their income that is being continually lowered by RVU reductions.

You’ll be offering a revenue increase of 15 to 30% to the surgeon/practice with only a small addition to their administrative process.  This makes it an easy investment decision for them.

They simply need to implement the model you’ll show them.

Our co-founder is a surgeon himself, understands the customer, and has provided great insight in the training materials for your success.

The training time is low, so you can be implementing into your sales network quickly.

The products are consumable for each patient, so an initial sale should mean easy re-orders for years to come.

We’re offering 30% commission.

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