Health and Wellness - USA/International Independent Medical Sales reps wanted for Commission only sales opportunities for Health and wellness related products, Wellness Division

Aesthetics,  Alternative Med, Animal Wellness, Beds (Home or Consumer use), Chiropractic Supplies, Comfort/Ortho Appliances, Consumer Supplies, Corporate Wellness, Fitness, Green Products,  Health & Wellness Products, Products for Health Fairs, Health Education, Holistic & Integrated Medicine, Home Medical Supplies, Neutraceuticals, Nutritionals, OTC Pharmaceuticals, OTC Supplies,  Retail Consumer Products and Supplies, Sports, Walking Aids, Wheelchairs (Consumers), Wholesale Consumer Products and Supplies, Whole Wellness

Be sure to tell us of your experience with any of the following Multiple Call points: Independent Pharmacies, Health Spas, Fitness Centers, Wellness Centers, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, Massage Therapy Centers, Retail Medical Supplies, Consumer Home Supplies, Health Food Stores, Retail Chains such as: Kmart, Wal-Mart, Sam's, Food Chains, Airport Gift Shops, Hospital Gift shops, Veterinarians, Universities, Schools, Drugstores, Footwear, Hardware, Sporting Goods, Recreational Centers, Outdoor/Adventure, Department Stores, Expo & Trade shows, Health Fairs, Human Resource Departments, Military, Government Agencies. Telemarketing opportunities available for specific products.

Candidate Profile: Independent Medical Sales reps and health and wellness distributors for commission only compensation with sales results.

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