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Welcome to THE Largest, THE Longest Lived, THE Most Active and THE Only Medical Network exclusive to Independent Sales Reps, Independent Contractors, Medical Product Distributors, Independent Consultants, Independent Healthcare providers and Independent Entrepreneurial spirited members in the world!

Marketing, Business Development and Networking resources for professionals in the medical and healthcare industry.

We offer a network for all professionals in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and health care related products and services.

MedCepts provides nationwide promotion of medical products and healthcare related services. We help clients find and hire Medical Sales RepresentativesMedical Product Manufacturer Representatives, Medical Product Distributors, Medical Product Suppliers, Sales Management Teams, Consultants, Clinical Educators and we can provide or outsource Management Services.

MedCepts helps Independent Medical Sales Representatives, Manufacturer Reps, Medical Product Distributors, and Direct Medical Sales professionals find sales opportunities to represent some of the best medical products on the market. MedCepts provides the largest network exclusive to Medical Sales for Medical job seekers, Medical recruiters, Staffing Agencies and Medical Product Suppliers.

News, Information, Networking and Market Research for sales and marketing professionals in medical devices, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology. The MedCepts' Network facilitates networking and career advancement for sales and marketing professionals in medical devices, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and healthcare related products and services. MedCepts is positioned as the liaison for medical sales associates, medical product manufacturers, medical product distributors, recruiters, researchers in the medical and health care industry, medical product developers, medical and health care related service providers and consultants for nationwide sales. MedCepts specializes in business development and sales through lead generations, business introductions, commission only and direct sales opportunities for our network members.


Physician & Clinician Inventors, Physician Entrepreneurs, Physician Investors, Physician Consultants, Clinical Consultants, Research Consultants

Consultants Consultant Opportunities: Join THE Largest Network of Independent Consultants and Independent Contractors from the "New Idea" to Concept & Distribution. Whether your interest is in research, product development, patents, product development or sales and marketing.


Keep up-to-date on New Technology & Medical Advances. Maintain quality patient care & keep ahead of competition. Our network addresses the needs of Healthcare providers and Practitioners providing easy, straightforward, access to State-of-the-Art medical product Technology from around the world, practice management solutions, and other services for healthcare providers to maintain quality patient care and to keep practitioners and care centers ahead of their competition. Review products and services at your leisure and contact companies with easy to use electronic forms. Benefit from Substantial savings and added value offered exclusively to network Members of MedCepts.

Benefit from learning about Products and services offered by fellow healthcare providers, Physicians who see a need and figure out a way to meet it. Studies reveal Devices invented by physicians are more likely to represent significant advances than those invented by non-physicians.

Physician InventorsMedCepts proudly supports Physician and Clinician Invented Products or Service Offerings. We are the number one source for physician invented products for independent sales representatives and medical product distributors.