MedCepts truly dominates in networking, developing relationships and contacts for our extensive databases in the medical and healthcare related industry.  Our initial focus was (and continues to be) centralized around developing the largest independent sales rep network and distributor network for medical product and healthcare related sales but it didn’t take us very long to realize developing additional healthcare marketing directories would definitely benefit the sales professionals and our vendor members. Today, we have physicians and other healthcare providers coming to MedCepts to locate products and services needed for their practice.

Marketing Strategies

MedCepts is an advocate for the “Pull Marketing” strategy.  However, we have seen great results from a strategic combination of Push and Pull marketing opportunities. Balancing the push and pull marketing strategies in the medical and healthcare industry equates to a strategic marketing plan when it comes to marketing techniques.

Specialty Targeted Marketing

Marketing to a targeted specialty (and multiple specialties) of the 1.4 million physicians or marketing to the thousands of hospitals in the USA is how we got started. During our intial phase we worked closely with independent sales reps. There are extensive Healthcare marketing opportunities in the USA and the landscape is ever-changing.

Network Expansion

In 2012, MedCepts extended our network further to include those with extensive experience in the niche medical and healthcare related industry for start-ups, incubating organizations, to Multi-national Fortune 500 companies. Due to the need of our vendor members, our expansion resulted in developing member alliances with independent specialty niche contractors from the New Idea to Concept and Distribution:

  • physicians and physician consultants,
  • clinical researchers,
  • innovators, engineers, medical product inventors,
  • R&D consultants,
  • Regulatory consultants,
  • Testing companies,
  • market development specialists,
  • clinical researchers,
  • marketing experts,
  • independent medical sales representatives,
  • medical product distributors,
  • reimbursement experts,
  • M&A experts,
  • investors,
  • venture,
  • senior level executives


Press Release – MedCepts Network expands to all developmental life cycles of medical related products and services




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