Creative Market research for medical and healthcare related products and services.

There are numerous types and various levels of Market research.  Our Market research services can be for basic data gathering to rather extensive research needs. The information obtained from Market research can range in cost from $100 to $100,000.00 and upwards in the medical and healthcare industry.

Information gathering starts before product development and market research starts as early as the “new idea” comes to thought, idea generation. Identifying a market need is part of the invention process. What successful inventor invents something that is not needed?

MedCepts Network for Market Research Needs

Network members will step out of the box with your company. MedCepts Market research services utilizes our network members where we have been actively involved from the start, via Exploratory market research with sales, marketing and consulting professionals prior to product development.

There is no opportunity too small or too big for our network at MedCepts, whether there is a need for sales reps or consultants – we can assist.

Validation of potential for investors and sales process

At MedCepts, through our market research services, we often see companies with a need to validate the potential market and proof of a successful sales process for investors and investment companies. In addition, decision making throughout the life cycle of a medical product is based on Market research results.  Moreover, there are endless ways to utilize Market data for assessing all types of needs and opportunities.

Below is a list of the variable uses of Market Research data:

  • Customer Value Propositions
  • New Product Development
  • Market Assessment: Market demographics, regions, competitive landscape, opportunities, market trends, market share
  • Sales Channels: Use and effectiveness of sales channels, reps, rep groups, distributors, direct sales, warehousing
  • Additional Targeted Audiences: Expansion potential
  • Brand Awareness



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