Strategic Recruitment Solutions tailored to fit your specific needs. Our recruiting services allows you more time to focus on important tasks of growing your business while expanding your team. We make it easy to hire a recruiter at a fraction of the cost. You retain your own professional corporate recruiter for your company, full-time or part-time. Moreover, we can assist you whether you are searching for one candidate to a team of over 1,000 professionals. When you hire a recruiter through MedCepts, you can hire a recruiter to work directly with your company’s recruiter, national sales manager or other company team members. In addition, if you need a team of recruiters, we can assist. Below are a few of the areas we focus on:

  • W2, Contract, Independent, Part-time, Full-time
  • Sales Reps, Rep groups, Rep teams, Distributors, e-commerce
  • Clinical professionals – Medical Recruitment
  • Billing companies, coders and ancillary staff

MedCepts Recruiting Fees are the lowest in the industry

We offer recruitment solutions whether you look to hire a recruiter to work directly with your HR division or in need of comprehensive turn-key solutions.

MedCepts is an industry leader supporting innovative, flexible and out-of-the-box performance-based compensation within a relationship-based culture – ultimately driving results across the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry while revolutionizing interactions between healthcare practitioners, manufacturers, and sales representatives. Along with a sales team development, we offer Medical and Clinical Staff Recruitment: MedCepts Medical Recruitment

Our specialized recruiting verticals include many of the verticals our rep network is experienced and with already established relationships.

  • Medical Devices
  • Capital Equipment
  • Medical Diagnostics
  • Medical and Healthcare Services
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Software, IT, Healthcare IT
  • Specialized services: clinics to
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Health and Wellness
  • eCommerce, inclusive of Retail (OTC)
  • Medical and Clinical Staff Recruitment: MedCepts Medical Recruitment

Recruiting fees are a substantial part of any sales force strategy but too many companies overpay. Working with MedCepts can provide a company with a competitive advantage with our lowest in the industry recruiting fees.

Most recruiters (other than MedCepts) work on a percentage of the first year’s income of a candidate. Although, MedCepts does not charge a percentage of a salary we do like to consider that as a value-proposition when you hire a recruiter through MedCepts. There is a simplified way of obtaining a recruiting fee often charged by many recruiters for each candidate hired. In general, consider the annual income or potential income for the first year and multiply by an average recruiting fee of 25%. This percentage can fluctuate as high as 35% or more based on the recruiter’s fees, recruitment agency fees, the number of hires needed, specialty niche hiring needs, etc.

Let’s do a quick calculation of what outside recruiting fees might be incurred by your company if you are not contracted with MedCepts: Your team needs three W2 candidates, with a base salary + commissions with the sales candidates expected to each earn $130,000.00+ a year. $130,000 x 25% x 3 reps = $97,500.00 in recruiting fees.

The cost of hiring a sales force can be costly through various organizations. Here at MedCepts, we review the individual client’s needs, whether it is volume hiring needs by contract sales organizations or small businesses seeking a single hire or a small team. Our goal is your goal: results.

Compare industry standard recruiting fees, outside of MedCepts

Compare typical recruiter fees: Let’s take a look at some of the costs incurred by companies utilizing other sources than MedCepts.

Independent sales reps or distributors: We see contracts of all sorts and we often work behind the scenes to assist outside recruiters, companies and various sales team organizations for independent rep hiring. Below are just a few samples of the fees various recruiters have charged. Often outside recruiters will utilize MedCepts for a serious cost reduction. As a result, we work directly with outside recruiters to meet their clients’ needs. Moreover, we receive a copy of their recruiting contract and we work directly with them based on their negotiated terms.

  • $7,500 per independent rep, plus $500 a month per territory search

As one example of recent, a recruiter’s contract reflected compensation of $7,500 per independent rep aligned. In addition, the recruiter added a $500.00 monthly advertising fee for EACH territory search. (Territory search: $500 for 10 cities is $5,000 a month in advertising fees. As a result, the advertising fees were added to the $7,500 recruiting fees paid for each rep hired.) There are no guarantees the rep will remain with the company. We have seen numerous recruiting contracts with similar terms. A sample recruiting contract, search agreement, image is below. Notice the fees of $7,500 per independent rep hired and upfront advertising fees for each territory.

  • $15,000 per independent rep hired

Another recruiter’s contract provided similar recruiting fees, as shown above. However, this recruiter offered to replace the independent rep if the first hire did not last more than 30 days.

$15,000 per independent rep hired were the fees of, yet, another recruiter. These fees were presented to us directly by a company that contracted a recruiting company to hire independent reps. The company’s CEO informed us they hired 4 independent reps at a cost of $60,000 ($15K per independent rep hired). In fact, the company never had access to the contact information of the independent reps. The company was unable to communicate with the reps to know what type of activities they were performing.

We work closely with hiring teams whether we are positioned in Assist Recruitment services to Full-Cycle Recruiting, for hiring needs of one to thousands of candidates – typically, all for less than the average corporate recruiter’s salary.

Below is a sample recruiting contract,  advertising and search agreement, from an outside recruiter requesting MedCepts to assist their recruiters with their client’s independent rep recruiting needs.



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