MedCepts, exclusively focused in the medical sales industry, serves a specialized niche by aligning Medical Device Manufacturers and Medical Product Suppliers with experienced Independent (Commission Only) Medical Sales Representatives.


(Press Release) – Jan 13, 2009 – MedCepts announced the signing of an agreement of a strategic relationship which will result in a synergy of an entire network sharing similar core values to provide relevant diagnostic tools to assist in diagnosing and treating patients in order to enhance quality of life as it relates to their disease state. Current product sales opportunities and other expected new products, in aggregate, are expected to generate $1 to $3 million of incremental revenue in 2009.

The newly formed relationship between MedCepts and the device manufacturer will enable physicians across the US to have access to cutting edge technology through personal introductions by local and established independent medical sales representatives. Physicians are increasingly facing economic stress while preserving quality patient care. The national launch of the manufacturer’s testing device will improve Practice Care and Practice Revenue across the US. The medical device provides a non-invasive test that takes about 10-15 minutes to perform in a physician’s office. The test is reimbursed by Medicare and most commercial carriers. It takes about 3 tests a month to pay for the device. Physicians will benefit from Lease or purchase options which could result in substantial yearend tax savings. According to the manufacturer of the device, testing only 1 patient a day can net the physician practice over $24,000 annually. The testing device is for physicians specializing in Primary Care, Family Practice, Endocrinology, Cardiology, Pulmonology and Neurology. The device will provide physicians with a tool that financially justifies its own use, while also enhancing quality patient care.  Immediate test results are obtained in the physician’s office – without uploading or third party review.

MedCepts networks with medical product suppliers, manufacturers, Independent Medical Sales representatives, Manufacturer’s reps and medical product distributors who truly appreciate a relationship-based culture and a high-performance work environment. MedCepts maintains a continuous quest to network with independent sales representatives who are willing to embrace change, demand sales results and embark passionately upon new adventures, while maintaining fewer lines for specific product focus.

Independent and Manufacturer Sales Representatives serve a diverse group of clients ranging from Small start-up businesses to multi-national Fortune 500 Corporations. Medical Product Manufacturers and Medical Suppliers capitalize on results with independent (commission only) medical sales representatives who regularly call on niche economic buyers in the health care industry. Medical Product Supply Companies gain leverage from already established and valuable relationships of the Independent Sales Representatives for a speedier and cost effective entry into the market. Independent medical sales representatives are paid directly proportionate to their performance – based on commission only as the result of closed sales. Developing an Independent Sales force team nationwide has its benefits, but it is not a hands-off, no-fuss strategy and requires careful, thoughtful and continual team management. MedCepts offers turnkey solutions with Independent Sales Rep management services.

Statements regarding current business strategies, projected sources and plans for future development and operations, are based upon current mutual expectations. These statements are forward looking in nature and involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially. Among the factors that could cause results to differ are the following: competitive factors; changes in regulations, such as Medicare cliff, future acquisitions or strategic partnerships; general business and economic conditions. Caution is extended to readers not to place undue reliance on any such forward looking statement.

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MedCepts, exclusively focused in the medical sales industry, serves a specialized niche by aligning Medical Device Manufacturers and Medical Product Suppliers with experienced Independent (Commission Only) Medical Sales Representatives, Distributors and Manufacturer reps. MedCepts networks with sales associates, manufacturers, distributors, and consultants for nationwide sales through lead generations, business introductions, commission only and direct sales opportunities. MedCepts offers a network of resources for medical product suppliers and medical product manufacturers for the new idea to the patent, including resource tools for the developmental stages through the national sales launch utilizing independent sales reps and contracting opportunities with various distribution channels.

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