During a soft beta launch, another cutting edge medical diagnostic system will be placed in a State of-the-Art Spine and Sports Rehab clinic well known for utilizing high-end technology and evidence-based techniques offered by many leading European and U.S. manufacturers.

Nashville, TN, June 14, 2010 — An agent at MedCepts introduced a diagnostic muscle testing system employing isometric technology to a State-of-the-Art Spine and Sports Rehab clinic, well known for utilizing high-end technology and evidence-based techniques offered by many leading European and U.S. manufacturers. This clinic, collectively with a physical fitness gym, truly provides innovative advanced technology from across the globe. The facility operates with on-site physicians and several personal trainers. In addition, one of the owners of the clinic is also a network medical product distributor of MedCepts. The distributor utilizes the Working Clinic as a Showroom for other healthcare professionals and Practitioners, such as Chiropractors and Physicians. An onsite visit at the clinic provides Practitioners an opportunity to see advanced technology in action, an array of clinical benefits, exploration of potential reimbursement capabilities, and more. Within several days of the initial medical product introduction, virtually done completely electronically via e-mail and website URL, the significance of the clinical value and ROI potential was evident to purchasing agents of the rehab clinic and Key Opinion leaders of the distributorship. Additional benefits were identified of the potentially supportive reports of the diagnostic system to substantiate the effectiveness of some of the other high-tech equipment utilized for sports and rehab medical patients. MedCepts promptly provided introductions between the CEO of the diagnostic device company, a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine and the distributor for further communications and exploration of the product benefits. As a result, there was an immediate request to add the unit to the rehab clinic and working clinical showroom of advanced technology.

About MedCepts: MedCepts serves a specialized niche by aligning Medical Device Manufacturers, Medical Product Suppliers and Healthcare Related Service Providers with experienced Independent (Commission Only) Medical Sales Representatives, Manufacturer Reps, Medical Product Distributors and other complimentary sales channels on a nationwide level. In addition, MedCepts networks directly with healthcare providers and practitioners to provide them easy, straightforward, access to State of the Art medical product technology from around the world to maintain quality patient care and to keep practitioners ahead of their competition. The Health and Wellness Division of MedCepts was requested by network members of MedCepts and ultimately launched after an extensive review of over 300 products related to Alternative Medicine, Chiropractic Supplies, Corporate Wellness Related Products, Health & Wellness Products, Fitness Products, Green Products, Health Educational Products, Holistic & Integrated Medicine related products, Neutraceuticals, Nutritionals, Sports and Sports Medicine related products, Whole Wellness, Aesthetics and Animal Wellness products. After careful evaluation, only a few select products were chosen to be introduced to the nationwide network of independent medical sales reps, manufacturer reps and medical product distributors with MedCepts. Prior to a nationwide introduction, MedCepts often performs a soft beta launch to only a few individually selected medical sales candidates and healthcare practitioners to evaluate product potential such as clinical value, medical necessity, and ROI to further identify the potential market penetration capabilities in strategically selected territories throughout the USA. www.medcepts.com

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