Where do you start and How do you sell to Physicians, Hospitalssurgery centers, pharmacies and other healthcare providers? MedCepts is an advocate for hiring qualified independent medical sales representatives experienced and already with established relationships specific for niche call points for a medical product or healthcare related service going to market. Independent Medical Sales representatives typically know who controls the purchasing budget and how the organization does their buying in a sales representative’s specific territory and call points. (If they don’t know, you are probably not aligned with the “right” candidate in that territory to market your specific product.)

Who makes the buying decision for selling to physicians, hospitals, surgery centers, pharmacies and other healthcare providers? Identifying the decision maker and the process for purchasing is a major element to successfully selling into hospitals, physician offices, surgery centers and other healthcare providers. Here are a few (generalized) thoughts for you to consider:

  • Does the hospital or physician’s office belong to a buying group.
  • Is it necessary for a company/vendor to be contracted with a buying group for access to selling in that facility?
  • Are you willing to commit to specific terms of an agreement to be contracted with a buying group, IDN or individual provider? Do you understand that commitment?
  • Does the facility require Vendor/Rep credentialing?
  • Minimum Orders, pricing, meeting the demand (fulfilling orders, manufacturer production and/or service capabilities), liability/insurance, compliance – regulatory, recalls, returned merchandise, warranties, defects, service/maintenance. These are only a few of the considerations when selling to hospitals, physicians, long term care facilities, or other healthcare providers.

For more insight, explore Selling to Physicians from a Physician’s Perspective and Medical Products for Independent Reps and Distributors: What makes a great product to promote?

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