MedCepts Network expands to all developmental life cycles of medical related products and services

MedCepts announces the amalgamation of independent contractors, independent consultants and specialty niche companies for all developmental life cycles of medical related products and services.

The MedCepts Medical Sales & Marketing Network announces the expansion of its diversified network of individuals and companies with experience from the “New Idea to Concept” and Distribution. The network will now provide extended access to medical product innovators, medical product engineers, medical product inventors, R&D consultants, Regulatory consultants, Testing companies, market development specialists, physicians and physician consultants, clinical researchers, marketing experts, independent medical sales representatives, medical product distributors, reimbursement experts, M&A experts, investors, venture, and senior level executives with extensive experience in the niche medical and healthcare related industry for start-ups, incubating organizations, to Multi-national Fortune 500 companies seeking independent specialty niche contractors from the “New Idea to Concept and Distribution.”

The focus of the network is to provide support for sourcing and outsourcing processes of the healthcare industry and thus to facilitate the search for suitable contractors for specific services. MedCepts networks with niche specialists and consultants for all life cycles for medical and healthcare related products and services.

MedCepts takes special interest in diversity businesses such as small businesses, veteran owned, woman or minority owned businesses along with products designed or developed by clinicians.

MedCepts provides networking solutions for day to day business operations for healthcare providers, medical product manufacturers and healthcare related service providers focusing on specialized verticals including pharmaceutical, Life Sciences, Biotech, medical devices, capital equipment, Venture Capital, funding, sales team management, marketing and sales, consulting, technology and staffing services.

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