Over 5,000 independent medical sales representatives, distributors and team leaders (managers) of independent rep groups participated in our Annual Income Earned Survey. Respondents anonymously shared data regarding their average commission percentages, total commission income, their years of sales experience, type and number of products they represented including additional specific information of the manufacturers’ lines they carry and more.

Sales Experience and a good mix of product lines brought the highest reported earnings

Independent Sales Reps report Higher earnings when they have a “Mix Bag” of products and service offerings. Independent Sales Professionals offering a “mixed bag” of products, Multiple Products and offering additional Healthcare / Medical related Services, reported earning the highest income in 2014 at $268,000 for those with over 20 years medical sales.

Independent sales reps with 10 years experience as an Independent sales agent reported an average income (total earnings) of $183,000 (Median $144,000).

The income earned from independent sales reps promoting capital equipment are on the higher end of the scale over other types of medical products or healthcare related services. Independent Medical Sales Reps with a “Mixed Bag” of medical products, capital equipment, services and disposables top the charts! The highest sales income was earned by independent sales reps with greater years of experience with capital equipment sales experience and those independent manufacturer reps that were aligned directly with the manufacturer. Independent capital equipment reps with large manufacturers reported earning the most income earned. Actual commission percentages paid to independent reps were higher from small to medium size companies, but total actual sales earnings were higher from larger companies offering a smaller commission compensation structure.

Independent Medical equipment sales professionals with the most (years of) experience earn more than those who have less.  Independent Medical equipment sales reps in the 45-55 age group reported earning the highest income.

Capital equipment for independent sales representatives is one of the highest paying segments of the medical sales industry, and there is no surprise that capital equipment independent manufacturer sales job opportunities continue to be highly sought-after by independent medical sales representatives and independent distributors.

Compensation for Pharmaceutical Sales Reps

Compare the above earnings reported to another survey we have conducted of over 1,000 medical sales reps where we compiled the results of only the pharma or pharma specialty “Field Reps” to provide an understanding and relationship of the compensation based on the number of calls they made to evaluate a Pay per Call Value of a Pharmaceutical Rep Per Physician Visit.

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