Mediation is a method of dispute resolution that is an alternative to costly litigation procedures. The outcome of Mediation often allows conflicted parties to arrive at a resolution that is mutually acceptable. Mediation typically places control of the outcome in the hands of the parties directly involved in the issue, primarily allowing for the decision of the mediator to decide the final outcome.

Alternative solutions to costly Mediation – MedCepts Liaison Positioning For Independent Medical Sales Reps, Medical Product Suppliers, Medical Product Distributors and healthcare providers.

MedCepts concentrates on exploring medical products and healthcare related services with a competitive edge and aligning sales partners for product introductions to healthcare providers. MedCepts is committed to attracting, developing and retaining a diverse portfolio of clients and network sales professionals. It is imperative our suppliers, sales associates, distributors and service providers, (our entire network) share core values of integrity, respect, honesty and energy for sales results along with an understanding that personal relationships are central to who MedCepts is as a company, who we ALL are as a Network. Even for the best-of-the-best, you may find yourself in a position of frustration with another party and feeling as though the only resolution is contacting an attorney. If you find yourself in a difficult situation – MedCepts offers alternative solutions to costly legal situations.

  1. Utilize our array of “Discussions” for professionals in medical and healthcare related sales and marketing. These discussions, pages and articles, offers views from multiple “sides” to assist parties to understand from a different viewpoint. Explore our resources.
  2. MedCepts
  3. MedCepts offers Crucial skills and methods for early resolution of network member conflicts and the prevention of litigation. Contact MedCepts to explore how we can help.
  4. If your situation has elevated to a legal conflict, contact your legal advisor and have them contact MedCepts to see how we can assist.

Below is a quick overview of a situation where MedCepts was involved between network members:

Expressed Concerns between two distributors – One a Master US Distributor and the other a small distributorship with approximately 40 independent sales reps.

Regional Distributor Initiating Concerns to another Distributor:Excerpt from email sent to distributor from another distributor – only the names are removed.

It seems we have a problem on our hands—I signed a contract to sell your product and I introduced MY reps to you and your company…  I just found out that one of MY reps has made an agreement with your company to sell that same product and cut me out— can you explain that to me….

That is truly unprofessional and I am shocked; if this is not resolved I will contact my lawyer.

 Critical Challenges:Both distributor parties have successfully performed together as a team and individually. Resolution is significant between these two parties for continued success. Potential for significant revenue loss for each party with the results of losing the other partnering and networking channel.
MedCepts Actions for solution:Discussion independently with each party to explore concerns and potential satisfactory resolution by each of the party. Provided an opportunity for each party to thoroughly express their concerns. Conference call scheduled the following day for both parties.
Conference Call scheduled with Two distributors and Liaison agent at MedCepts:Both parties expressed their individual perception of actions, expectations and solutions anticipated. Amicable decisions were made by each party.  A fair and equitable agreement resolved TOTALLY by the two parties involved within 48 hours of initial complaint.
Results:Both distributors continue to work side by side forging forward with their relationship.


The two medical sales distributors outlined above were 100% completely satisfied by the results. It is not MedCepts position to provide legal advice to network members or to provide Mediation, whereas the complete outcome is totally placed in our hands and the decision is accepted regardless, as often is the case provided by outside mediators. Both network members understood they would be provided direct contact information to Legal Represention of a Six Time Super Lawyer* for a free half hour consultation to explore their legal rights and options. They also understood MedCepts participation was not to “DECIDE FOR EITHER PARTY” any resolution but merely to provide them an opportunity for resolution to be determined completely by the two entities involved – particularly because Mediators typically are positioned as being completely “Unbiased” in the situation.

Mediation is not a licensed or regulated profession and MedCepts expects this will likely change in the future.

Discussion on Legal questions and answers for Independent Medical Sales Reps, Medical Product Distributors and Medical Product Manufacturers

More information coming soon. MedCepts is presently in discussions with various professional mediators to work closely with our network members. Watch for this additional benefit for our network members.





*trademarked property of Key Professional Media, Inc.

Legal representation provided as outlined above is just another added service or benefit provided by special arrangements MedCepts has made on behalf of our subsribing members. Changes to membership benefits are ongoing, inclusive of (but not limited to) the addition and/or removal of benefits, and therefore subscription as a member should not be based on benefits offered as they may change without notification. MedCepts does not guarantee membership benefits or specific results between parties.

**MedCepts as an Alternative to a Mediator – very often MedCepts will “listen in” to concerns between network distributors, independent reps and even between suppliers and reps aligned. Most of the time an amicable decision is met and both parties move on to what really drives them – increased revenue from sales closed. However, there are common questions both parties, reps and suppliers, should consider regarding legal concerns. MedCepts makes no claims to the true sense of professional mediation but merely offers the opportunity for resolution between our network members.

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