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ISR Insider

Newsletter for Independent Reps, Manufacturer Reps, Dealers & Distributors in Medical Sales

Volume 1, Issue 48               December 2010


Legal Representation: Exclusive Offering for Network Members

Did you know as an Independent Rep network member of MedCepts you can be connected directly to a legal representative for legal consultation? FREE OF CHARGE (Limited to 1/2 hour consultation – when there is a need to review voluminous documentation (more than a simple contract) you may be asked to compensate for same, as it may be necessary to a useful consultation)

A six-time Super Lawyer*, with vast experience handling unjustified terminations and territorial incursions by manufacturers, as well as recovering unpaid commissions.

For Sales Reps: For over fifteen years, this firm has represented professional sales people from New York City to Los Angeles and in every major market in between, involving some of the largest companies in the world. While they take enormous pride in being able to bring most of these situations to a speedy and successful result, they boast of a litigation record in some of the most complex sales and distribution cases is unmatched.

For Distributors: Extensive experience serving the legal and business need of clients who own and operate distributorships. They review, negotiate and draft distributorship agreements, tailored to the specific needs of each business–including multi-year contract renewals. They help their distributorship clients through the loss of a major product line, tackling such issues as contract compliance, market withdrawal, and inventory valuation and reimbursement. They’ll take on territorial incursions and manufacturer direct sales into clients’ exclusive territories. They also help distributorship clients build and maintain dealer networks, advertising co-ops, and mediate dealer disputes.

Manufacturers and other vendor supplier network members are also eligible for an introduction to legal representation to assist them in preventing you (reps and distributors) from needing legal services. Prevention is a critical element in many ways in the healthcare industry!


Frequently Asked Questions and Answers



*trademarked property of Key Professional Media, Inc.

Legal representation provided as outlined above is just another added service or benefit provided by special arrangements MedCepts has made on behalf of our subscribing members. Changes to membership benefits are ongoing, inclusive of (but not limited to) the addition and/or removal of benefits, and therefore subscription as a member should not be based on benefits offered as they may change without notification. MedCepts does not guarantee membership benefits or specific results between parties.

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