The need for hiring medical sales executives by small businesses and startup companies has been increasingly growing. In addition, and, at its highest level, there have been increasing challenges to hiring medical sales representatives for small businesses. Furthermore, the challenges to locating and hiring medical sales executives have been on a rise for more than the past decade.

Today, it has become increasingly more challenging to recruit and hire medical sales executives for small businesses and startups.  Moreover, some of the largest job boards report their struggle with filling candidates for their employers for medical sales positions.

Medical Sales Executive Listed as the Number One Hardest-to-Fill Small Business Jobs in America. Evidenced by, a Report by one of the largest job boards in the world.  

MedCepts is an industry leader for providing niche jobs offered by small businesses and start-up companies in the medical and healthcare sector. Our network of Medical Sales Professionals is extensive. Equally important, we specialize in hiring and recruiting medical sales executives.  MedCepts’ Recruiting fees are the lowest in the industry. Find out more about how to Hire a Recruiter

A report from one of the largest job boards in the world (Indeed) listed Medical Sales Executives as their number one Chart of hardest jobs to fill, hiring medical sales executives listed by global job boardhardest-to-fill small business jobs in America. Admittedly, we have heard numerous reports from employers not being successful utilizing this job board or other major job boards. That said, a report directly from indeed provides clear evidence of the challenges for their employers hiring medical sales representatives.  In summary, the medical sales executive is listed as their number one hardest job to fill for small businesses.

With this in mind, we recognize the hiring needs of small businesses and start-up companies and stand behind (and with) them. Recently, Medcepts announced the official launch of its expanded website platform after a year in development. 

Alternatively, there may be some who would argue that medical sales representatives would prefer to work for big brand companies over small businesses or start-up companies.  However, we conducted a survey and the results showed nearly 90 percent of all independent medical device reps prefer representing products from start-up companies over big brand companies.

Hiring Tips for small business and startup companies

Support for small businesses and start-up companies

MedCepts provides support by offering comprehensive solutions for locating, screening and hiring medical sales representatives. In addition, to the many HR services we provide, we offer a do-it-yourself solution with our exclusive and niche job board for medical sales representatives.


Challenges for small businesses and startup companies with Hiring Medical Sales Representatives

Below are 5 of the hardest challenges:

  1.  Identifying Quality Medical Sales Candidates
  2.  Competitiveness in the job market; examples, Demands, and expectations of Candidates
  3.  Lack of a dedicated employee or team to handle recruiting and hiring needs
  4.  Knowledge for writing a job posting
  5.  Brand recognition – For instance, Small businesses and startups, often, have yet to build their brand

Tips for Hiring Medical Sales Representatives for the small business or start-up company

5 Tips for hiring medical sales representatives

  1. Align with a Niche Recruiter: like MedCepts
  2. Utilize creativity, such as comp, expectations, goals or quotas, perks
  3. Flexibility: In today’s job marketing
  4. Seek Passive candidates
  5. Develop a rapport with candidates

Building a High Impact Sales Force with Independent Sales Representatives – An Investment You Can’t Afford Not to Make

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