Mobile-Geddon, Google’s latest algorithm release for mobile ready websites is expected to change the way websites are ranked in search results, when users search for information from their phones. Google announced in February 2015 its plans for their next major algorithm changes for searching websites, allowing website owners what they felt was plenty of time to prepare. As we all know, Google’s algorithms have had a major impact on small and large websites over the past year and most webmasters have been working diligently to keep up with all of these changes. Often Google does not release their plans in advance for change but this time they did, giving website owners plenty of time to prepare. Did you prepare for this mobile-geddon??

MedCepts was busy working with our network member client websites in preparation of the mobile-geddon, resulting in MedCepts waiting right up to 12 hours after the planned release on April 21, 2015. We worked quickly to prepare for a more mobile friendly website, at least mobile ready as far as Google’s requirements. Time will tell us the SEO impact these new changes will have on the search engine results when searching from an office computer but it is definitely expected higher ranking results for mobile friendly websites will be noticed when mobile users search. This may have a serious impact on website traffic, particularly if your traffic is derived from search results. We expect to see a larger hit to search results more common or significant to mobile phones, such as restaurants, shopping and travel facilities. Remember to keep Building Your Brand with Niche Content, another area Google previously focused on, as rich and relevant content should probably be your focus for your website to maintain the interest of your site’s audience. We believe a webpage with high quality niche content which is not on a mobile friendly page could still rank pretty high if it strongly relates to the specific search query. Continue to maintain your social networking to build your brand, while also strengthening your position in your niche.

Websites that appear not to mobile-friendly include errors such as: Text too small to read, Links too close together and Mobile viewport not set.

208 Search Engine spiders crawled MedCepts in the past few days

We added a monitor to inform us whenever a search engine’s spider or bot crawled our website and we found on April 22, the crawlers were out there in major forces! The increased crawling results started just one day after the planned release of Google’s new algorithym. We received 208 notifications of a search engines crawling our website! Below and to the right are images of the notifications we received. Google, Alexa, Bing and Yahoo! were amongst the identified spiders!


Will Google’s plans for their major mobile-geddon have impact on small businesses?

As the old adage goes, Time will tell but if search engine results are important to your business (and it should be for most businesses), you may want to check the mobile friendliness of your website.  There are many online tools to help you but here is a great link to test your website’s mobile friendliness offered directly by Google. There are many other online tools to check your mobile friendliness. Over the years, many webmasters tend to check websites they are working on via their own person iPad, Android, Laptop and various Operating Systems offered. Now these can be checked quickly and efficiently through tools online, but there is something to be said about independently checking yourself.


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